Army of 6-foot women descend upon the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur never ceases to amaze me, as for today, an army of six-foot women in short Red dresses and 4-inch high heels stopped traffic as they strolled down Bukit Bintang street, you got to love it.

I went downtown today to buy a new lens for my camera. Isn’t she a beaut? Cannon 100mm Macro, can’t wait to try her out.

 If you have ever seen that music video by Robert Palmer, “Simply Irresistible”, with the expressionless ladies dancing in the background, a classic 1980’s music video that drove young men wild, well that was this crowd of ladies walking the streets of KL today.

They walked liked the ladies in the Robert Palmer video as they tried not to smile…

Same height, same shoes, same hair, same dress, same glasses, these ladies literally stopped traffic.

A must see, the Robert Palmer video


Okay …. Where am i going? Oh yeah, almost forgot to eat.

Just to the left of these wonderful ladies is LOT 10, one of the older mall style complexes and recently has had an upgrade.

But we are not here to shop. In the basement is a food court. There are about 20 vendors down here, some good, some bad. This is the street entrance.

I tried Chang Hwa a Chinese vendor specializing in noodles.

You pick your tofu, vegetable, and indicate if you want meat like fish, chicken, or beef.  The chef cuts up large rice noodles and constructs your plate.

I went for a simple curry noodle with chicken. Not bad but I believe there is better down here.

In the words of Robert Palmer “She’s so fine there’s no telling where the money went.”

Next Flip-flops for the orphanage


7 thoughts on “Army of 6-foot women descend upon the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  1. The Onyx Plate

    Did you ever find out what they were doing? As a redhead, I appreciated the fact they all had natural skin it appeared. None of that fake tan…most of them with porcelain complexion that I can relate to.

    1. Dave Post author

      they were advertising for a new store in Kuala Lumpur. Great add campaign! I wish i had a porcelain complexion and more hair. Thank! Dave

      1. Rachel

        Reply to The Onyx Plate : You are right, hair doesn’t make the persons…Sometimes i see some handsome monks also…:P

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