Kuala Lumpur street art

 I like it down here, three street levels below the city, it’s quiet, it’s cooler, it’s lonely, melancholy in a way if you let it bother you. Subterranean in architecture I expect Batman’s car to emerge from any one of the many drainage tunnels spewing out the city’s sweat into the river.

Slicing through the middle of Kuala Lumpur, the surreal nature of the Klang River can only be experienced from the concrete basin that has tamed the meandering waterway as it makes its way to the ocean.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a beautiful place but it is interesting. Homeless people and great art work dwell here. The homeless are barely scraping by no doubt, and like all homeless people I wonder if it’s by choice or unfortunate circumstances. You want to approach and ask why or how, but it is a little edgy down here so it’s wise to be cautious if you are alone.

A reader of my blog told me there is some artwork I haven’t seen that is on the walls of the Klang River. So i went to check it out last week. With 20 foot tall canvases, what better place to show a talent. This work was done in September 2011.

Similar to Alice’s rabbit hole, you will come across some strange creatures like this monitor lizard.

 And, an occasional Twiddledee and Twiddledum, or maybe the March Hare.

I happened upon some local college students working on an assignment for school. They told me they where making a music video and I asked if I could take their picture.

The excellent artwork down here is showing some wear and tear and I wish I could have been here when it was fresh. But, i read there is another event this month so i am going to try to capture it and meet some of the artists.


If you want to see some pictures of the artists doing this work it can be found here at the  “Sungai Klang art gallery for public” Facebook page:



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