Thailand local style – the food

Like a good scotch I had to go back for more, had to, but finally stopped for fear I would regret it in the morning. 

This trip to Phuket Thailand was all local fair and it was Thai food morning, noon, and night. My friend Don, who is married too a Thai women, and has a vacation home in Thailand took us to places i only dream about. It’s difficult to explain the food in Thailand but here are the classics.

Phrik Nam Pla served with every meal

If we are lucky enough to hit the right restaurant or chef we may experience the “Trilogy” of tastes, sweet, sour, and salty and maybe bitter.

Tom yam is Thailands signature soup. Lemon grass, sour, and a whole lot of flavor. You determine the quality of a restaurant by their Tom yam soup. This was very good at the beach restaurant.

Sticky Rice! Not something you see in the US but if you see it on the menu, order it. Sticky rice is glutinous rice and can take some time to prepare. It will be served in little bamboo baskets like they are trying to ration it. You pull a piece off with your hand and grab a vegetable or piece of meat with it.

 Restaurant 101. Open, tin roof, outdoor typical eatery.

Where in the world can you find a dishwasher who works for scraps.

Mango salad at the 101 was so hot,  but we kept going back for more like a moth to flame. The chili dressing kicks off endorphins making you addicted!

The Lemon Grass restaurant is a little more upscale. Tiger beer had a host at this restaurant.

Ground chicken with basel and mint.

Up Town Restaurant. Open and very busy. Some tourist can be seen here and the good food brings them in.

Don’s wife had a couple of her friends joined us for lunch and they were very pleasant.

Chanya is holding up a scrumptious bowl of rice noodle and, and, and, i don’t know what it is, but it was good. On to the next dish.

Fresh Coconut juice, every restaurant has them, ice cold, no additives, healthy, and sweet. Very refreshing. We all had one.

Rice Noodle wrap or (肉鬆炸兩腸) This was one of my favorites. We ordered 1 serving and ended up ordering 4 servings. Silky wrapping stuffed with  vegetables, mint, basil, pork.

This is a miniscule taste of what Thailand has to offer. But if you want to see the tourist highlights, lady boys, and the sex trade of Thailand you can see it here:

Thailand is full of culture and wonderful food.

I enjoyed conversing with the local people, experiencing the local food, and the ability to get away from the tourist areas. Not often do I get to experience this. I am grateful.


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