Everglades Florida

We are at an end-of-the-road place in Florida called Chokoloskee, very remote. Off highway 41 is the Everglades National park. That white line is a dirt road we found out in the middle of the swamp with some amazing wildlife…

Back on the little island of Chocoloskee we come across these photographers taking photos of a lamp poll. I didn’t have my telephoto so this was the best I could get of the baby horn owl and it’s mother.


SW USA, North rim Grand Canyon, White Pockets, Bryce Canyon…

So we took a week to visit the N. Rim of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and White Pockets in  Vermilion Cliffs National Monument AZ.

North Rim Grand Canyon.

Angels window….

Jessy, our neighbor in the next cabin. Retired  Ex-Vietnam vet.Cool stash…

Bryce Canyon…

White Pockets, Vemilion Clifts…

Virginia Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive


We are in Virginia this week traveling along the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive.


From the South just West of Lynchburg, mile marker 65 is the Natural Bridge.


At mile marker 30 is Crabtree Falls, 2 mile hike round trip.

va-brp-14 va-brp-7 va-brp-3

Down the road from Crabtree Falls the Appalachian Trail crosses the Tye River with a suspension bridge.


At the end of the Blue Ridge Parkway the road continues into the Shenandoah National Park and becomes the Skyline Drive. Just before you enter Skyline Drive, standing alone off the side road, an abandon Howard Johnson’s, sad kind-of…va-skd

Around Mile Marker 50 on the Skyline Drive is the Dark Hollow Falls, 4 mile hike round trip…


Fall is coming and the leaves are just starting to turn, one more week and it will be at it’s peak, i’ll try and capture some of that beauty if i can…


This week We are in the Zion National Park, Utah. A beautiful punishing place if you hike Angles Landing, not for the faint of heart…welcome-to-zion-national-park

zion-46Zion Lodge…zion-17

Our mission is to climb this beast… Angles Landing….zion-3

It’s not easy….

Most people stop here and go no further…zion-83



zion-115 zion-117zion-89zion-77

It took us 6 hours up and back, five people have fallen to their death in the past 10 years but if you go slow and steady it’s a piece of “well …. be careful” . A wonderful hike …




Next, westward to Valley of Fire in Nevada …