Foot Fetish or things my friends send me…

For some reason my friends back home keep sending me pictures of their feet, they think I have a foot fetish. Maybe it’s because of the post I did on Jimmy Choo shoes that can be found here. But the fact that i have a foot fetish, that could not be further from the truth. I’m offended and shocked by their accusations and, and, “Wait a minute, these pictures are not that bad, hmmm, be right back…”

Where was I, oh yeah, Donna with her “I don’t do dishes”, color nail polish. (Some of these are taken at our favorite afterwork hangout)

Heather on the left Melissa on the right. Very nice posture. Not sure how they walk in those.

The foot contains 26 bones, one quarter of the bones in the human body. With 33 joints and over 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments it’s a miracle of evolution and creation.

I believe this is Lisa’s foot taken in the bathroom stall. Someone tell me if i’m wrong but I never forget a foot. Could be Melissa’s.

Julie dressed to the 9’s.

Melissa has some nice feet but she’s going get carpel tunnel if she keeps pointing that shoe like that.

Donna has some cute feet. This is Donna’s other foot. What would a woman do without sandals.

Joyce enjoying the beach feet. Very nice Proximal Phalanges.

Another of Melissa…             Is it getting hot in here?

My foot

I saved the best feet for last. This is Reba, Ron’s dog, who has some of the most beautiful feet I think I have ever seen. Slap some heels on those baby’s and Beau (Ron’s other dog) would be beside himself.

I have some really great friends and I have to admit it though these ladies have some very nice feet, ankles, toes… Uh, be right back…


3 thoughts on “Foot Fetish or things my friends send me…

    1. Dave Post author

      It has become kind of a joke now. Ever sense I took a picture of my friend Melissa’s foot and posted it. Now they all send me pictures. And yes they want me to buy them shoes!


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