Boys sleep two to a bed, maybe a few on the floor. Their ages are six years of age to 16 and all of them appeared to be healthy, well mannered, and eager. The boys were shy at first, I saw a few peeks from the window blinds then they all came out to greet us. Today Ivan, Vani, Asnan, and I collected food, goods, and money and delivered it to the Home of Flowing Love orphanage for boys. It was advised that we not give cash so off to the grocery.

Vani and Ansan filling up the cart.

Truck Loaded.

Vani talking to the lady who run’s the place

The boys come out to help unload the truck

The home is modest and clean. There are 38 boys but we counted about 16 beds. The sign on the building says “Home of Flowing Love”. Vani said this was the first time these boys have personally met a white man. Hmmm.

Ivan and Asnan giving out treats.

Ivan, Vani, Lady who run’s the place, and Asnan. Only in Malaysia will you see such diversity. Good group of people.

Of course i had to go check out the Kitchen. They were preparing lunch. Fish Curry.

We are planning on a return after the first of the year.


4 thoughts on “Orphanage

  1. The Onyx Plate

    I bet that is some of the most amazing fish curry you could ever have tasted…for the mere fact that it is prepared with flowing love. Helping others is the greatest gift of all…and I love this! Have fun on the next trip to visit them!


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