Klang, Malaysia and the Coconut Flower Restaurant

Klang is the major port city of Malaysia about 45 minutes west of Kuala Lumpur. Ever sense i arrived in Malaysia i have been told that if you want good seafood you must go to Klang. So off I went to meet Ivan and Michelle in Klang.

Klang is not much to look at, concrete, industrial parks, and container after container defines the business of this port. This is Malaysia’s import and export hub and it is gray, dank, and not that pretty but due to its proximity to the ocean there are seafood restaurants everywhere. I drove by the park and I’m sure this is a nice alternative for the inhabitants to relax and watch the sunset but this was an adventure to get to the Coconut Flower Restaurant. 

Michelle provided the GPS coordinates but I’m starting to second-guess the reliability of Michelle’s information. Abandoned buildings and the isolated road slowly turned into pothole alley that would make crater cannon jealous but finally the Coconut Flower restaurant came into view. 

This place was a huge oasis in the jungle and the beer sign beckoned. 

I arrive early to plastic covered tables and lots of napkins. This was going to be fun. The Coconut Flower is a Chinese restaurant and I wish Ivan had arrived so he could order me a beer in Chinese. Eventually a lady comes to the table and offers me their signature drink, fermented coconut juice in a label-less recycled water bottle. “Hmmm…” I smell then taste, it was sweet, nutty, coconut tangy, but not that appealing. Ivan tells me later the older Chinese love it.

Ivan and Michelle arrived, beer has been delivered, and food is on the way…

Sautéed greens in oyster sauce and Thai style shrimp. The shrimp were cooked perfect, sweet and spice topped with papaya. In Malaysia they never peel the shrimp so you are left with picking away on little feet and just getting messy but this dish was very good.

Chili crab served with a mallet. The sauce is not chili spicy but rather mild and sweet. The meaty crab melded well with the sauce but the flavor of the crab came through very well. I could have eaten more.

Steamed fish in a mild type of soy sauce, this is a fresh water fish similar to catfish with a very mild flavor.

Michelle is no stranger to eating crab.

This was fun. You eat with your hands, spit out bones and crab shells onto the table then wash up in the sink next to your table. The food was all very good and i would recommend this place to anyone looking to venture out to Klang. 

Next Penang Island …


2 thoughts on “Klang, Malaysia and the Coconut Flower Restaurant

  1. The Onyx Plate

    That restaurant appears to be tucked away just enough to where you know it’s the perfect discovery when you find it. I’m not sure I would be too awful fond of their signature drink either. On the other hand, the food looks amazing….minus the fish looking at me. :)


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