Fugu and Scallop Lips

An average of twenty people die each year from eating the Japanese sushi delicacy known as Fugu (foo goo) or the common puffer fish, and if poisoned, there is no antidote.



The puffer fish contains one of the most potent toxins on earth and if not prepared properly will bring on paralyses of the entire body then a slow death by asphyxiation all the while the hapless victim is fully awake until he suffocates.



 But those Japanese are so cleaver in their ways that it makes this one dish a must in a culinary bucket list.

The Fugu sushi is hard to find in Malaysia, in fact I have only found one place in Kuala Lumpur that prepares it and only during certain months of the year. Tonight I am going to test fate and eat this Japanese delicacy known as Fugu at the Rakuzen Sushi Bar.


The Rakuzen is a great sushi restaurant, fresh, clean, and they use real Japanese chefs. We order a number of items, an appetizer plate, mackerel, spider roll, and then the Fugu…MsE (1 of 1)Fugu-11Fugu-16 Fugu-19

Well I don’t see what all the fuss is about, although very mild and the paper thin fish almost melts in the mouth, it was just “just so so”, no paralysis, not even a tingle of imminent death, or flailing on the floor, oh well. I will return to the Rakuzen as I do almost on a monthly basis but the Fugu, I had to try it once.

A parting shot…

Chinese New Year has just passed us by, year of the horse by the way, and during this time of year its open season on what one may considered as food. For example, while shopping in the grocery today I found this!!! FishHeadSoup-17

Oh yeah! Scallop Lips! Oh I had to buy them, and oh yes I will be the one to introduce this delicacy into the culinary world and reap fame and fortune!


Ah but alas, the market and cooking options for Scallop Lips is not in that much of a demand once the obvious question is asked…  “Where is the rest of the scallop?”

The back of the box states that Scallop Lips nourish the Yin, invigorates the liver, and removes body heat. The box does say Premium Scallop Lips.

Well what you do with them is soak them in water and stir-fry them with your vegetable, not bad, a little fishy, chewy, dried leathery lip kind of thing but I still wonder where “is” the rest of the scallop?


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