India will humble you …

If you want a little perspective on life, then get out and travel, maybe across town or to the next state. Why? Because every time you do your outlook and understanding on life deepens and grows.

I went to India last week for business, stayed in a five-star hotel, for hygiene and safety reasons, but once I left my private little cloistered hotel room you quickly come to realize how fortunate you are.

India-76 India-72

India-2 India-33 India-35 India-69

You have to be careful in your dinning choices, this is the Tandoor Restaurant in Bangalore. Of course the Indian food is exceptional, garlic Nan, mutton masala, tandoori shrimp.


India-59 India-58 India-53 India-50 India-46

A little Perspective …


India-40 IndiaLady1 IndiaLady2




India-17 India-18 India-24




7 thoughts on “India will humble you …

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks Chicken,
      I know you have been there. I remember your one story about being in the airport trying to get on the plane but were to sick to move. Thanks for viewing… See u soon.

    1. Dave Post author

      Right Rachel… But slowly a middle class is now springing up from all the call centers from the Western countries… Thanks


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