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Stingray, it’s whats for dinner…

One of the local delicacies in Malaysia and SE Asia for that matter is Stingray. Local groceries have them stacked high packed in ice next to the shrimp and fish, but you can get them at any local food court. Stingray-7

I”ll take that one …


Stingray-5 Stingray-4

Here we are, this guy cooks a good one. He wraps the stingray pieces in foil with some cabbage and onion, adds his special sauce and bakes it for a few minutes.




Put a wing piece over rice, oh so good. The meat is white, delicate, and similar to flounder, a little bony so be careful.

Stingray-23 Stingray-2 Stingray-22

So good …


Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur Part III
We wandered around a bit on Jalan Alor, being mindful of where our wallets are, before we decide where to eat. It is safe in Kuala Lumpur but you do hear of purse snatchings and pickpockets.
Many stands are selling Char Siew and like BBQ there are many restaurants who claim to have the best. This stuff is good. Char Siew is fatty pork marinated in a sauce then roasted over charcoal. The marinade usually consists of varying degrees of honey, five-spice powder, fermented tofu (red), dark soy sauce, hoisin sauce, along with the secret spices of the restaurant.
Chicken or duck may be prepared in the same way.
We decide to stop here, Dragon View. It looked clean and the tables were full, indicating a good place.
This was a great people watching place and an occasional street vendor will come by your table and try to sell you local crafts or some high tech laser scope gadget with secret compartment. And! If you buy two, he will throw in the carved lady dangling from his belt. Bargin a bit first.
We ordered the Kung Pao chicken type dish, a fried chicken cutlet with honey sauce, and the deep fried tilapia with mango. It was just ok… Beer was good though.
The highlight though was walking into the kitchen.
They had the sauces on one side and vegetables on the other.
Jalan Alor is not a place you come to unless you live near it, doing shopping down town, or you are a tourist. The place does have some good food and it is relaxing after a day of shoping just to sit, have a beer, enjoy your meal, and watch people. It is fun and I’ll be back to enjoy the crowds and going-ons.
Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Part II

Hawker food or vendor food is wide and varied, you won’t find high cuts of meat at these places but you can find some very good seafood. Most hawker food is meant to be eaten on the run or for a quick meal. The street vendors now have designated streets that are blocked off at night that have turned into a smorgasbord of culinary delights with extended menus such is the case at Alor Jalan (Street).  

Sit down soup vendor. The sign says Pork Mee (Noodle) and fish ball Mee.
Dim Sum
 Chicken wing BBQ. We thought about eating here but when we saw the raw chicken wings strung up in the hot heat with the attacking flys we thought again.
This place, at the very end of the street, is supposed to have good soup…
These vendors are interesting. They will skewer anything eatable on a stick.
Squid balls, Fish balls, chicken feet, chicken fat, some form of lower grade meat. Some vendors will cook it for you, others you cook, steam yourself, then add your favorite sauce.
Tofu, chicken gizzards, fat-back (not sure what they call it here), and unknown substances…
Still to come, our meal…