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Smoking Pot on the trail

We are traveling around Arizona and Utah this week, first stop Sedona Arizona.


Sedona2015-1 Sedona2015-63 Sedona2015-98 SedonaLizzard

A local told us of a great hike that tourist rarely get to and that I could get a good shot from behind Cathedral Rock. Once there I sit in the shade and take this shot.


This is the spot to “Zin-out” because next to me is a bag of pot and a pipe, I look around and no one is in sight, no one … “Hmmm”, I take a picture of it, pick it up, smell it. “Hmmm”, I look around again, not a soul except my partner Ms. E. Well… I put it back ;) where I found it, maybe the next hiker will enjoy it…Pot on trail

Sedona2015-20 Sedona2015-132


Next Glen Canyon Utah


Tea reminds me of the days of running hashish through the mountains of Tibet.

TEA Sucks! Being an American, I don’t drink tea, I never liked it, and it reminded me of a pompous British ritual only to be enjoyed with a crumpet. (What the hell is a crumpet anyway?) The stuff is bland, no caffeine kick, sipping and slurping with a pinky in the air, it’s an abomination! And Lipton!  Monopolizing the US and squeezing out competitors while peddling their bland mix of crap!

And Southern tea! Conspiracy created by the sugar industry I tell ya!                                Ok, ok, calm is in order here. Calm …

Well I have to confess Tea does not suck. The leaf of the Camellia sinensis plant has built nations, crumbled monarchies, and brings pleasure to millions of people around the world, be it 4pm in the afternoon or 24/7, tea is timeless. My outlook on tea has changed so much I even look forward to a cup in the afternoon everyday.

And a cup we have …

South East Asia has some of the best tea in the world. There are at least six different types of tea: white, yellow, green, oolong, black, and the most expensive is the post-fermented teas, more on that one in a minute.

Tea reminds me of the days of running hashish through the mountains of Tibet. No, just kidding, never did that, won’t admit to it, forget i said that, but my love of tea started with this little antique tea pot months ago when I bought it for my best friend Donna who collects tea pots. I hope to finish the tea post in three, so bare with me as we follow this teapot and a few examples of some wonderful teas and a visit to the tea country in Malaysia.