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Curry Fish Head with sautéed lettuce…

This is our bill from dinner the other night, cannot read a damn word of it, more on the meal in a minute.

BillOne of my favorite buildings in downtown Kuala Lumpur is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Built in 1897 and designed by A.C. Norman in the style of the Mughal, Persian architecture, the building housed British government offices until after World War II.

MerdekaMerdeka-10 Merdeka-7 Merdeka-6 Merdeka-3

Curry Fish head

Thirty minutes drive south of Kuala Lumpur (KL) through the back streets of the city, away from the upscale hotels and modern neighborhoods is a borough known as Puchong where we are about to experience a local delicacy, Fish-head curry.

FishHeadSoup-13 FishHeadSoup-11-2Puchong is mostly a Chinese community with a myriad of local restaurants that rarely see any foreigners. This restaurant is known for good Fish Head, it’s not a fancy place, plastic chairs, open to the outside, with a queue quickly forming it’s an indication this place is good.

FishHeadSoup-3One thing I noticed when I moved here to Malaysia is that there is no salad, as we know it in the West. The Malaysian’s do eat lettuce, it’s just sautéed, steamed, and mixed with oyster sauce, very good.


Whenever I go to Puchong children point at me because I look so out-of-place, restaurant owners ask my companion Ms. E if I need a fork and spoon, and some places dust off the English menu, if they have one, and set it in front of me. As awkward as all this is and as culturally different as it can get, this is why people love to travel.


Lunch and watches in KL China Town

We walk past the flower market and into KL’s China Town in search of watches. Who knew you could get a real Rolex for $15, must be my lucky day.  Of course i didn’t buy any…flower market kuala lumpur

fake watches

You would miss it if you did not know it was here but tucked behind the fake designer bags, shoes and the real Rolex watches is the Koon Kee restaurant, only five tables and their specialty is Char Sew Noodle, a thinly sliced pork BBQ with noodle, or the other alternative, chicken feet soup.

KLChinaTownKL CTown-14KL CTown-13 KL CTown-4KL CTown

So little time, so many to go… Next, off to the US for a short visit unless i come across something like this!

Rear Window

Rear Window is one of Hitchcock’s greatest suspense movies. The film was before it’sWR2 time, a provocative look of what modern Middle America did in 1954 it promoted the voyeur in all of us while revealing that young couples do have sex out of wedlock. The movie, filmed in whole from the perspective of a photographer’s (Jimmy Stewart) apartment window. Wheelchair bound from a broken leg, Stewart is cared for by his girlfriend, the beautiful Grace Kelly.  Never taken the time to become familiar with his surroundings, Stewart is now forced to wile away the days observing (spying on) his small Greenwich Village neighborhood from his window.


The suspense builds as Stewart and Grace watch unsavory events unfold, families fight, lovers love, and murder instills. The genius behind Hitchcock has a knack of portraying layer upon layer of uncanny metaphors of modern life. If you haven’t seen it, rent it now, you won’t be sorry.


This is my Rear Window …



In the empty lot about ¼ mile away I can view two, maybe three families living in the tin roof shack. They bathe in the rainwater that pools up around an unfinished foundation.

RW-6RW-7 RW-5

Each photograph is from a particular window in my apartment. Some views are okay, some not so okay.