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This week We are in the Zion National Park, Utah. A beautiful punishing place if you hike Angles Landing, not for the faint of heart…welcome-to-zion-national-park

zion-46Zion Lodge…zion-17

Our mission is to climb this beast… Angles Landing….zion-3

It’s not easy….

Most people stop here and go no further…zion-83



zion-115 zion-117zion-89zion-77

It took us 6 hours up and back, five people have fallen to their death in the past 10 years but if you go slow and steady it’s a piece of “well …. be careful” . A wonderful hike …




Next, westward to Valley of Fire in Nevada …


Moon is right there…

Last weeks full moon…

moon-2 0515-1-3

500 mm, f5.6, ISO 100, 1/350 sec, Northern Hemisphere somewhere around
35.886129, -78.944637 from planet earth…


Christmas in Malaysia

It’s 90 degrees, the Christmas tree glitters in the heat of the night, “White Christmas” is heard whispering from the speakers at one end of the park and as I walk further away to get a better shot of the towers the Muslim Mosque at the other end of the park is blaring a call to prayer. On the week eve of Christmas, I find this very ironic however; it is a wonderful testament to Malaysia in its most earnest attempt to be part of the modern world.

Merry Christmas to all…

KL Xmas2014-6

KL Xmas2014-8 KL Xmas2014-9

Merry Christmas to you and yours and to all who read or not…

Night photo of my back yard…

So many people post shots of their backyard at sunset and they are beautiful. I don’t have a backyard however, i do have a sunset, this shot taken from my 18 floor apartment in Kuala Lumpur. My friend John taught me to use a small aperture to get the “STAR” effect in the light in a nigh shot. (30 sec, iso 100, f22)

rear window14-3

Singapore night

We met some friends from the US in Singapore last week. I had the privilege of showing them around. A few pictures from our two nights in town…

The Fullerton hotel has one of the best views in the city. This is a shot from the rooftop bar looking towards the Marina Bay Sands.


Gentlemen playing a board game in the park. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

Singapore1014-13 Singapore1014-11

The temple is sacred…


Caught this young man repairing a temple…

Oldman_-6we are on our way to Thailand… I love Thailand. If this location is on your bucket list, make it happen…

Chiang Mai Thailand – Lantern Festival

We are in Chiang Mai Thailand attending a photography expedition with Flash Light Photography Expeditions and South East Asia Backpacker Magazine. This is the second of three posts for Chiang Mai and tonight, the Lantern festival.

Known as Loy Krathong monks and followers gather by the thousands to honor Buddha. Come nightfall the releasing of lanterns into the night bring together all in an amazing show of coherence and unity.ChianMaiLantern2013-45


Next, one last post on Chiang Mai with a little food…

Macau nigth walkers

Steeped in history, colonized by the Portuguese’s and modernized by the Chinese, Macau China has become a haven for tourist from Asia and the world.


St. Paul ruins

Mount Fortress canon pointing at our hotel.

Mount Fortress canon pointing at our hotel.

Guia Fortress Lighthouse

Guia Fortress Lighthouse

Performers in the park

MacauPerformers-5 MacauPerformers-7

Macau Tower

Macau Tower

All the well-known casinos are here, the Wynn, MGM, The Sands, and the Grand Lisboa one of the first, this is where we stayed and it was beautiful.IMG_7370IMG_7377

Lisboa Lobby

Lisboa Lobby

Lisboa elevator with birds-eye maple and inlay …


We visited many restaurants like this one, bad thing is if you get off the beaten path don’t expect an English menu. I asked for noodles and got a very good wan-ton noodle soup. MacauRest1

The Chinese like their frog …


Where the ladies of the night walk…

By accident and to our surprise we come across a tunnel under our hotel connecting two casinos. Here lovely young ladies walk back and forth approaching men as they enter. I thought this would be a good opportunity to take some candid shots but this guy, aka “I have an official uniform!” starts yelling at me to stop taking pictures.  Apparently a tourist with a camera is not respectful and this aging man in uniform ensures his portion of the tunnel is kept in order. I managed to click off a few shots at waist level.MacauPro1MacauPro2MacauPro3

Safe, fun, Macau was a great get-away and we were only able to scratch the surface. The food rivals any in South East Asia. The buffet in the Lisboa hotel was better than any I have had in Las Vegas and at half the price. I think next time we will go to Hong Kong and take a day trip by boat to Macau as there are free buses waiting to take you any place you desire.