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Curry Fish Head with sautéed lettuce…

This is our bill from dinner the other night, cannot read a damn word of it, more on the meal in a minute.

BillOne of my favorite buildings in downtown Kuala Lumpur is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building. Built in 1897 and designed by A.C. Norman in the style of the Mughal, Persian architecture, the building housed British government offices until after World War II.

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Curry Fish head

Thirty minutes drive south of Kuala Lumpur (KL) through the back streets of the city, away from the upscale hotels and modern neighborhoods is a borough known as Puchong where we are about to experience a local delicacy, Fish-head curry.

FishHeadSoup-13 FishHeadSoup-11-2Puchong is mostly a Chinese community with a myriad of local restaurants that rarely see any foreigners. This restaurant is known for good Fish Head, it’s not a fancy place, plastic chairs, open to the outside, with a queue quickly forming it’s an indication this place is good.

FishHeadSoup-3One thing I noticed when I moved here to Malaysia is that there is no salad, as we know it in the West. The Malaysian’s do eat lettuce, it’s just sautéed, steamed, and mixed with oyster sauce, very good.


Whenever I go to Puchong children point at me because I look so out-of-place, restaurant owners ask my companion Ms. E if I need a fork and spoon, and some places dust off the English menu, if they have one, and set it in front of me. As awkward as all this is and as culturally different as it can get, this is why people love to travel.


Abandoned buildings and a pack of wild dogs

I love old abandoned buildings, today I took this shot as I was making my get-a-way from a guard who was yelling at me and closely approaching on foot. Apparently his job was to chase people away and tell them they cannot take pictures of the old abandoned train station.

A beautiful building, I was able to snap a few pictures before the guard tried to shoo me away. What I found out is that this building is located on private property owned by the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center, who knew. (There was no time to adjust my camera for some photogenic moments so all shots are at 1/100, F7.1, ISO100)

A couple of months ago my friend Ms. E and I stumble across this abandoned home in downtown Kuala Lumpur just a few blocks behind the Marriot Hotel. Ms. E would not go in so I had to go it alone.

A little reluctant and senses a little excited I got to the main foyer. It was deadly quiet when I heard a “click-clack, click-clack” in the next room, like claw feet walking across the concrete floor.  Oh crap, all I could think of was the story of the dead homeless man the police found in a deserted alley on the outskirts of town. A wild pack of dogs visited the corps every night to feed, the smell finally alerted passersby.

“Click-Clack, clickity-clack ” Oh damn it, I’m going to be eaten by wild dogs. I froze in my steps and listened, I could hear it breathing in the next room, beads of sweat were building up on my forehead, an eerie feeling, it was time to go, I rushed out the open door into the light and saw a mangy dog scurry away in the opposite direction.

“Get any good shots?” Ms. E said as I got back to the car. “Hey, you are sweating, don’t get any on the upholstery.”