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Smoking Pot on the trail

We are traveling around Arizona and Utah this week, first stop Sedona Arizona.


Sedona2015-1 Sedona2015-63 Sedona2015-98 SedonaLizzard

A local told us of a great hike that tourist rarely get to and that I could get a good shot from behind Cathedral Rock. Once there I sit in the shade and take this shot.


This is the spot to “Zin-out” because next to me is a bag of pot and a pipe, I look around and no one is in sight, no one … “Hmmm”, I take a picture of it, pick it up, smell it. “Hmmm”, I look around again, not a soul except my partner Ms. E. Well… I put it back ;) where I found it, maybe the next hiker will enjoy it…Pot on trail

Sedona2015-20 Sedona2015-132


Next Glen Canyon Utah


Taliesin West

We left Kuala Lumpur about a week ago to visit the US. We spent three days in Las Vegas and now we are in Phoenix, Arizona. Today we visit Taliesin West.

Arizona Taliesin-29 Frank Lloyd Wright, (1867 – 1959) was one of the greatest American Architects of the 20th

century, eccentric and controversial, his legacy endures and inspires future architects of today. Wright established a school just outside of Scottsdale, Arizona called Taliesin West, established in 1937 it is still a working school today.



Arizona Taliesin-28

Here is a rare photograph of David Elgin Dodge, registered architect and former apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright. I took this just the other day while he sat in the dinner hall at Taliesin. Mr. Dodge is the grandson of Horace Elgin Dodge of the Dodge Motor Company.

Arizona Taliesin-38

Arizona Taliesin-73Arizona Taliesin-3

If you don’t know who Frank Lloyd Wright is, he designed the Guggenheim Museum in NYC and the famous Falling Waters home in Pennsylvania.





This is a model of a house Frank Lloyd Wright designed for Marilyn Monroe. She rejected the concept. Arizona Taliesin-67Arizona Taliesin-54

If you admire the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright it is well worth the visit and take the one-hour tour.

Phoenix proper is really several towns combined. You have Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, and downtown Phoenix all one big city out in the middle of a desert. As the sun sets behind Camel Back Mountain it only means one thing, dinner time.


Hermosa Inn and Lon’s Restaurant

Listed as one of the top 500 hotels and Restaurants in the world Lon’s serves up an international cuisine that is just wonderful. The Inn was initially the home of Alonzo “Lon” Megargee a renowned cowboy artist of his time, time being 1936. The patio restaurant is comfortable with a cool desert breeze flowing in, and if it’s too cool, sit around one of the private fires situated on the property.


I asked if I could go back to the kitchen and take some pictures. Waitress was befuddled and scurried off. She came back and said sure…

This is Janet I believe she said. She is the pastry chef, beautiful, wonderful woman. This is the chef of the night. His dishes, preparation and presentation were impeccable.  This place is well worth a visit.


I sneaked down to the wine cellar … Napa Valley, California all over the place !!!


Next, a quick peek a Jerome …