Wedding ….

I am not a wedding photographer however, my best friends daughter just got married…

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DIY Live Edge Dining Room Table


This post is a little different from previous but I’ve been working on this project for about a month now and it is finally finished.

We ventured out into the North Carolina countryside to visit Kyle, a one-man lumberyard. Kyle cuts log slabs for a living and does a good business, that’s him on the left. I’m looking for a piece to make a dining room table.



Here is our piece… Ambrosia Maple, just lovely…


The log slab is sawed in-half, glued and book-match together, then cut to size and planed down to about two-inches thick.Table-9-2Table-10-2 Table-11-2

Next i had to repair a small crack with what’s known in the wood-working circles as a dove-tail, dutchman, or bow-tie spline. This took a little practice due to the delicate inlay and chisel. Spline

Sanding – 80 grit, 120, 220, very time consuming but you want it smooth as an egg shell.

Table-25Table-24 Table-27

Building the leg base …LegsTable-35-2

Next, three coats of oil-based polyurethane, no stain, sanding with 320 grit in-between each coat.poly

Up-close view of the Bow-tie inlays.


The finished product… Ready for dancing ;)





Before they become rubble, abandoned places in NC

We took the day driving around a few rural roads of North Carolina to photograph the old homes and abandoned buildings we have seen out the corner of the eye. Now that the leaves have fallen some new old homesteads are visible through the tree line. My friend and I had to photograph some of these old places before it all becomes rubble.

Farmhouse 35°40’58.0″N 78°59’56.0″WUS-1

I have included the Lat’s and Lon’s in the event someone wants to visit them and of course be prepared for “No Trespassing” signs.

Using a Canon 5D MKII 24-105mm. Due to the recent rains some of the roads flooded and created some detours.


This is a beautiful abandoned modest Victorian with a barn in the back.

751&64 home 35°44’26.5″N 78°56’58.8″W




Now just a backcountry road, the Old US Highway 1 used to be the main thoroughfare between Washington DC and Atlanta. Just South of Raleigh NC the old road has some beautiful old abandon places.

Gas station – We took a peek inside – 35°39’38.8″N 78°58’21.6″WUS1-57



Feed trading house and another peek inside – 35°40’52.0″N 78°56’07.0″W



Fayetteville Rd. One room house – 35°52’28.6″N 78°56’56.7″W751House-18751House-23


How to repair a camera lens

WARNING: the following may contain painful images for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

YOUTUBE made it look so easy, you un-screw this, detach that, and voila! You have repaired a broken camera lens. My 200 mm Sigma lens stopped working, no auto-focus or manual focus, I had to see if I could repair it myself, after all I am kind of handy at ­­these things.





After some time I found myself deep in a labyrinth of screws, O-rings, connectors, corridors of despair, deceit, and LIES!!!

Arms stretched out to the sky, “Damn you YOUTUBE!” Suddenly, a horrible realization that no man wants to admit, ever, “I can’t fix this!” There were so many pieces and parts, carnage was everywhere.


Downtrodden and disappointed, the camera parts placed back in a box and set on top of the bookshelf like an urn with ashes, a staunch reminder to seek out professional help when you need to.

lens8 lens1

However, not all is lost, if I sell a kidney I can buy that shiny new Sigma 500 mm lens, oh for joy! Word of advice; Don’t believe everything you see on YOUTUBE…

Grand Canyon – South Rim

Just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park, Maria waits for tourist to stop and buy her turquoise and silver jewelry, we oblige. I ask the obvious questions I’m sure she has heard all her life. With her hair held up by a Bic pen she tells me she is Navajo (American Indian), and her family has been here since the beginning of time, such a lovely woman, I wish I had more time to spend with her…GrandCanyon-2 GrandCanyon-3 GrandCanyon-6

We are on our 6th day traveling around Arizona and Utah and today we are at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon…

GrandCanyon-13 GrandCanyon-22

GrandCanyon-26 GrandCanyonTree2

Next Flagstaff and Phoenix Arizona…

Glen Canyon Utah

We are on day four traveling around Arizona and Utah. Yesterday we were finding pot on our hike in Sedona, today we are on a boat motoring up Lake Powell making our way through Glen Canyon to reach the tallest natural bridge in the world, RAINBOW BRIDGE.

The boat comes close enough to the canyon wall you can touch it.GlenCanyon-9

GlenCanyon-19 GlenCanyonWall

Once the boat docks it’s a short hike to the monument. 234 feet (71 m) tall Rainbow Bridge was not known to the outside world until 1909.

GlenCanyon-53 GlenCanyon-47



Next, The Grand Canyon…