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She thinks i’m a chef…

You got to try this…Dutch Baby or German Pancakes …This puffy pastry kind of thing is usually for breakfast, although I made this at 3 in the afternoon. It is easy to make and so good, add fruit, jam, butter, syrup, smoked fish, just about anything you want, you can’t go wrong and it looks great on the table.

DutchBaby-3 DutchBaby-6 Ingredients: 4 eggs, 1cup of flour, tablespoon of sugar, 1 cup milk, dash of vanilla, cinnamon. Butter a cast iron skillet or a non-stick pan and bake at 450 degrees.

So my partner Ms. E thinks I’m some kind of super chef, little does she know I’m just winging it, yeah faking it, no professional education, so we won’t tell her about my shortcomings but i think it has wooed her to my dark side….

For some time now and without my knowledge, Ms. E has been taking pictures (Mobile phone pics) of the meals I/we have prepared and then she posts them on her FB page!!! Hmmm, Well bless her heart… here is a month’s worth of cooking…

20141207_174431 20141207_194013 20141207_194103 20141207_194636

CHef1 CHef2


Finally got my visa to Vietnam. Next Saigon…


Macau nigth walkers

Steeped in history, colonized by the Portuguese’s and modernized by the Chinese, Macau China has become a haven for tourist from Asia and the world.


St. Paul ruins

Mount Fortress canon pointing at our hotel.

Mount Fortress canon pointing at our hotel.

Guia Fortress Lighthouse

Guia Fortress Lighthouse

Performers in the park

MacauPerformers-5 MacauPerformers-7

Macau Tower

Macau Tower

All the well-known casinos are here, the Wynn, MGM, The Sands, and the Grand Lisboa one of the first, this is where we stayed and it was beautiful.IMG_7370IMG_7377

Lisboa Lobby

Lisboa Lobby

Lisboa elevator with birds-eye maple and inlay …


We visited many restaurants like this one, bad thing is if you get off the beaten path don’t expect an English menu. I asked for noodles and got a very good wan-ton noodle soup. MacauRest1

The Chinese like their frog …


Where the ladies of the night walk…

By accident and to our surprise we come across a tunnel under our hotel connecting two casinos. Here lovely young ladies walk back and forth approaching men as they enter. I thought this would be a good opportunity to take some candid shots but this guy, aka “I have an official uniform!” starts yelling at me to stop taking pictures.  Apparently a tourist with a camera is not respectful and this aging man in uniform ensures his portion of the tunnel is kept in order. I managed to click off a few shots at waist level.MacauPro1MacauPro2MacauPro3

Safe, fun, Macau was a great get-away and we were only able to scratch the surface. The food rivals any in South East Asia. The buffet in the Lisboa hotel was better than any I have had in Las Vegas and at half the price. I think next time we will go to Hong Kong and take a day trip by boat to Macau as there are free buses waiting to take you any place you desire.


Man Defies Chinese Military Tanks – Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

By the time we get to the Forbidden City we have been in Beijing for a few days, getting the feel for the city so to speak, but we still get lost everyday, i love it. Tiananmen Square is the largest public area in the world. The photo to the right was taken 23 years ago in Tiananmen Square and we happen to be here on the anniversary of this ill fated event. An unknown man defies the Chinese military to run him down. (taken by Jeff Widener of the Associated Press.)

We start with the Tiananman Square Front Gate, The Main Entrance Gate, Monument to the People, Performing Arts Building, and on to the Forbidden City. Bring your bike.

Built during the Middle-Ages (1300’s) the Imperial Palace or Forbidden City was home to the Chinese Emperor’s for centuries, some living out their lives and ruling China without ever leaving the walls that surround this vast complex. During the Cultural Revolution the mini-city was vacant and grown over with only a few soldiers protecting this Heritage site. In the 1980’s it was renovated and for the first time opened to the public.

Later that night we take our bikes up to the Lake District to an old neighborhood known as Yingingqiao, so beautiful are the streets I’m surprised they don’t film movies here. We ate at a Thai restaurant as we watched boats try to maneuver the small canal that connects the two lakes.

The Chinese beer is not bad, crisp and clean, I can’t say what brand it is but i see on the label 5.2%.

Next Temple of Heaven and Pinking Duck …

Mountain Biking Beijing

There are many wonders, smells, and buildings that define Beijing and none more so than the following urban sights and food. But, to see all that you need to see you can’t do it by subway, taxi, or rickshaw, you have to bike it. It’s the fastest way to get across town and if the distance is to far, park the bike at the subway for a few pennies. If you get a flat, stop at the roadside bike repair guy.

Beijing is a bikers dream if you are savvy enough to work around the crowds and traffic and ever since the 2008 Olympics there are public bathrooms everywhere.  Every road has a bike lane on either side again watch out for the occasional small car using the bike lanes.

These are our trusty steeds, the typical working mans bicycle, gangly, heavy, single speed dependable tanks on two wheels. Beijing is flat so no need for gears although mountain bikes are starting to make a big showing.

Best part of the trip is getting lost in ancient, centuries old Chinese neighborhoods called “Hontongs”. You have to get here before the city swallows them up because development has become their cancer.

The narrow alleyways and maze of these neighborhoods take you back to the way it was. We happened to get lost in a few.

We left the comforts of our modern hotel to experience the old China court room home turned into a bed and breakfast located down a narrow Hontong alleyway the taxi driver would not venture down.

“Get out here.” The taxi driver said.

“But where is our hotel?” I asked. “Why don’t you take us down the street?”

“Street to narrow. Walk down there.” He pointed to this alleyway.

Take note of this laundry, we will get back to this place in a moment.

We finally come to our hotel, circa 1920’s, it is quaint, clean, great staff, and actually quite a nice place, and I loved it.

So funny thing happened on the way to the laundry. By day this establishment cleans clothes and does dry cleaning, but by night the proprietor hangs out a different shingle. I told my girlfriend “we better check our clothes when we get back.”

One of our first meals and for some reason the Chinese like the head served with the entrée, we experienced many meals with heads.

Next Tiananmen Square

Bangsar Night Market and why i missed the Eclipse ..

I am to far south in the world to have witnessed the Total Eclipse last Sunday, i’m sure it looked something like this…

But I did get to the Bangsar Night Market. Similar to a farmers market, you can see one of those here, the Bangsar Night Market happens every Sunday evening providing fresh produce, seafood, and some things I’m not sure how to cook or use.

Jack fruit

The snow pea looking bean are as big as your hand and the long beans are a meter long. If they break, attach the broken piece with a rubber band.

Can’t leave the market without some Kimchi.

There are many markets like this in and around Kuala Lumpur but this is one of my favorites.


Penang Island, Malaysia – parting shots

This is my last post on Penang and I just want to mention that the people of Penang are an inviting breed of humanity, friendly, ancient in origin, and multi-cultural as it gets in any place in the world. 

Queen Victoria Clock Tower

As I walked past this man, he greeted me with a good morning and a smile. He owns his own fabric shop in one of the markets and I just had to stop and chat a while. 

These two guys work at the Line Clear food stall and they tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted to take their picture.

When several generations follow the family business there are certain things that are bound to be done right, like the food in Penang. It is understandable and no surprise that people wait for an hour to get the fish head soup at the “Line Clear” or the oyster omelet at the night bazaar along Gurney drive. 

And no one can leave Penang without the world famous Penang biscuit/cracker thing. If you don’t know about them, you do now, because they are world famous, you know. Around for centuries this brand is made from wheat flour, sugar, and green beans.

Speaking of being around for centuries …

Clan Jetties

Small Tin roof homes stretch out over the water perpetuated by the bond of generation after generation of Chinese families. Initially constructed to house the port laborers in the 1800’s, six clans remain and still maintain a life style of working in George Town and living off the sea.

Brain and Shannon, of blog: , once said, “the problem was almost never the destination, but a disconnect between what the destination is, and what the traveler wanted it to be.”        I like that.

So What is a Ramly Burger? Penang, Malaysia

Kek Lok Si Temple

On the outskirts of George Town, Penang sits the largest Buddhist temple in South East Asia. Construction started in 1890 and what makes this temple so unique and beautiful is a mix of Thai, Burmese, and Chinese architecture.

Buddha flanked on either side by Guan yin the bodhisattva associated with compassion

So what is a Ramly Burger?

It’s late saturday night and I cautiously approach the vendor cart for my first Ramly Burger. The air is filled with excitement and the smell of cooked onions.  Due to my lack of familiarity in this area I let my friend Nixon order for us. Thats him standing there.

The chef ponders his domain, a master of the julian, sauté, and flat iron, he inspects his circle of influence, ensuring ingredients and prep station are clean and at the ready. Like a conductor for the Philharmonic, spatula in hand, the master prepares my Ramly Burger.

For a late night meal, I mean late night, the Ramly Burger has become synonymous with Malaysia, consisting of a beef or chicken patty, onions, cabbage, mayonnaise, special sauce, all wrapped in a fried egg, slapped between a soft grilled bun.

This is fast food but it’s better because it’s not processed like McDonalds, fresh meat and vegetables. Each vendor has their own method, ingredients, and secret sauce for preparing said Ramly Burger.

Originating in Malaysia the Ramly Burger became so popular someone had to commercialize it. You can now buy then in the grocery but I’d advise against that.

I have to say this was very good.











Next the Clan Jetties of Penang …