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She thinks i’m a chef…

You got to try this…Dutch Baby or German Pancakes …This puffy pastry kind of thing is usually for breakfast, although I made this at 3 in the afternoon. It is easy to make and so good, add fruit, jam, butter, syrup, smoked fish, just about anything you want, you can’t go wrong and it looks great on the table.

DutchBaby-3 DutchBaby-6 Ingredients: 4 eggs, 1cup of flour, tablespoon of sugar, 1 cup milk, dash of vanilla, cinnamon. Butter a cast iron skillet or a non-stick pan and bake at 450 degrees.

So my partner Ms. E thinks I’m some kind of super chef, little does she know I’m just winging it, yeah faking it, no professional education, so we won’t tell her about my shortcomings but i think it has wooed her to my dark side….

For some time now and without my knowledge, Ms. E has been taking pictures (Mobile phone pics) of the meals I/we have prepared and then she posts them on her FB page!!! Hmmm, Well bless her heart… here is a month’s worth of cooking…

20141207_174431 20141207_194013 20141207_194103 20141207_194636

CHef1 CHef2


Finally got my visa to Vietnam. Next Saigon…


India will humble you …

If you want a little perspective on life, then get out and travel, maybe across town or to the next state. Why? Because every time you do your outlook and understanding on life deepens and grows.

I went to India last week for business, stayed in a five-star hotel, for hygiene and safety reasons, but once I left my private little cloistered hotel room you quickly come to realize how fortunate you are.

India-76 India-72

India-2 India-33 India-35 India-69

You have to be careful in your dinning choices, this is the Tandoor Restaurant in Bangalore. Of course the Indian food is exceptional, garlic Nan, mutton masala, tandoori shrimp.


India-59 India-58 India-53 India-50 India-46

A little Perspective …


India-40 IndiaLady1 IndiaLady2




India-17 India-18 India-24



Durham, NC. USA

Despite the rumors, the women in NC do not eat corn dogs and drink Budweiser, at least not in public.

Once the tobacco capital of the world North Carolina, USA has since relinquished itself of this industry. China now manufactures 41% of the world’s cigarettes today. Over the past few decades Durham, NC has reclaimed old factories for housing, the arts, and commercial sites, along with a complete face lift of its downtown area, Durham has become a force of change for North Carolina and a food haven.

A few parting shots before I head back to Malaysia.

(Curtesy of Preservation

Abandoned, boarded up, ready for renovation, the Leggett & Myers building.

The sign says VOLUMES.

Is that a corn dog in her hand?

I mentioned that NC has become nationally known for it cuisine. Two fine restaurants worth visiting.

CholaNad Contemporary South Indian

Shrimp Pondicherry, Lamb Chops & Kothu Parota

Gregoria’s serves up some of the finest Cuban this side of Havana.

Penang Island, Malaysia – parting shots

This is my last post on Penang and I just want to mention that the people of Penang are an inviting breed of humanity, friendly, ancient in origin, and multi-cultural as it gets in any place in the world. 

Queen Victoria Clock Tower

As I walked past this man, he greeted me with a good morning and a smile. He owns his own fabric shop in one of the markets and I just had to stop and chat a while. 

These two guys work at the Line Clear food stall and they tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I wanted to take their picture.

When several generations follow the family business there are certain things that are bound to be done right, like the food in Penang. It is understandable and no surprise that people wait for an hour to get the fish head soup at the “Line Clear” or the oyster omelet at the night bazaar along Gurney drive. 

And no one can leave Penang without the world famous Penang biscuit/cracker thing. If you don’t know about them, you do now, because they are world famous, you know. Around for centuries this brand is made from wheat flour, sugar, and green beans.

Speaking of being around for centuries …

Clan Jetties

Small Tin roof homes stretch out over the water perpetuated by the bond of generation after generation of Chinese families. Initially constructed to house the port laborers in the 1800’s, six clans remain and still maintain a life style of working in George Town and living off the sea.

Brain and Shannon, of blog: , once said, “the problem was almost never the destination, but a disconnect between what the destination is, and what the traveler wanted it to be.”        I like that.

# 22 on the “Must see list” in the world – Penang Island – Malaysia, Day 1

The date is 1941 and the British army has left the island of Penang, leaving Penang to fend for itself against the Japanese invasion during World War II. No one knows how old this tree is but it changed hands many times during this period and today it is so revered it has to be kept under lock and chain bolted to the concrete floor. The British army finally returned in 1945 but the ties between Malaysia and Britain were strained. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Every mother knows peanut and butter and jelly sandwiches are the perfect food for road trips and lunch boxes. Why? Because they last the ride and some times are better the second day. So, with peanut butter and jelly sandwich in hand I’m off on my road trip to Penang Island. 

Penang and the port city of George Town is a four-hour car ride just to the north of Kuala Lumpur. Penang makes claim to a number of UNESCO heritage sites, rated by NY Times as the number 22 on the “Must see list” in the world, and boast the best Asian cuisine in the country if not the world.

George Town (

In 1786 Penang ceded to the British East India Company in exchange for military protection from Siamese and Burmese armies, making Penang the most important shipping port in South East Asia. The shipping industry brought in thousands of Chinese and Indian immigrants. The city of George Town is a mix of old 17th and 18th century British style architecture, ancient Chinese temples, specked with modern 20th century offices and malls (Wiki). 

Today Penang and George Town are a tourist destination and three days did not give me time to see it all. The largest population is Chinese and Indian. Most of the streets of George Town are narrow and only allow enough room for one car and one pedestrian to pass safely. 

I gravitate to the old and imagine what it may have been like back in its day.

My first night a friend and her family invited me to dinner, they where so nice and made me feel very welcomed. They were patient with my lack of verbal skills but everyone spoke English and grandma was so sweet just look at that smile.

Makanan Laut is a seafood restaurant and, I was fortunate to try some items I have never had before. There is no menu, you walk to the front of the kitchen and place your order. The cook/chef asked if we wanted shark, luckily no one ordered it.

First came out the okra then these small sardine size deep fried fish. Next the STING RAY fin. This was my favorite! A sweet spicy sauce of garlic, chilies, maybe tamarind not sure but it was wonderful. The meat was mild and melt in your mouth flakey. 

Sting Ray Fin

Little clams, small fried shrimp, just pop in you mouth head and all and of course Sweet and Sour Crab. Yum!