Horse Shoe Bend & Lake Powell – Page Arizona

People have fallen to their death taking pictures of one of the most photographed sites of the Grand Canyon, Horse Shoe Bend. We are on our last day in Page, Arizona.


Lizard tracks …

LakePowell-55The Glen Canyon Dam divides the Colorado River, on one side is Lake Powell, and on the other is the start of the Grand Canyon.



On the Lake Powell side, people line the shore camping. Winnebago type adventurers also have a big presence here.

LakePowell-50 We are on a short hike to Horse Shoe Bend so bring water.


Be careful along the rim, there are no railings and definitely watch your children.

With my camera attached to my tripod laying flat on the ground, I set the timer, laid on my stomach, and slid the camera over the edge holding on to the feet of the tripod.


Next, Southern cooking in NC…

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