Most Expensive City in the World

Recently Singapore has been bestowed upon itself as the most expensive city in the world taking the number one spot from Tokyo. This bequeathness (yeah i know this is not a word) is false and determined by the cost of housing and owning an automobile in this wonderful city. For the average traveler, like you and I, Singapore is as cheap as they come, you just need to know where to look.

Along with my friend Ms. E. we are here again in Singapore by chance, and any chance to get to Singapore I’m going to take it.




Chopstick Store

Chopstick Store

Buda Tooth Temple

Buda Tooth Temple


Buda Tooth temple

Buda Tooth temple

Marina Bay Gardens at night

Marina Bay Gardens at night

Some of the cleanest hostels in Asia will be found here in Singapore like the Backpackers Inn in China town, $25 a night. A wide range of  hotels can be found for any budget like our room at the Bliss Hotel $70 a night, next to it is the Hotel 81 for $85 a night. Of course if you want to see what a $300 dollar room is like in Singapore see this post here.


 Gondola ride to Sentosa Island…


A passenger in our Gondola...

A passenger in our Gondola…

Singapore022014-35 Singapore022014-24-1

Therefore, except for the hotel and gondola ride, everything you have seen thus far is free for the traveler and there is so much more. See the other posts on Singapore if you are so inclined.

The food is so good and so cheap like this place the Osaka Ohsho. You order off an iPad and your Gyoza is prepared fresh and delivered ASAP. At $8 this is the best Ramen and Gyoza outside of Tokyo, hands down, take my word for it, it is so good, go here…Singapore022014-116-1Singapore022014-121Heading back to the US for a short visit… Dave



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