Yut Kee

Its Sunday morning ugh… 10am, a SHOUTING MAN hands me a cup of coal-black coffee, a welcomed relief after one too many cocktails last night. The SHOUTING MAN points us to a table, seated we share a board with four other unknowns after a long wait in the queue, a queue I have driven by many times at many different hours of the day, it is always present.

At first appearance the Yut Kee restaurant in downtown Kuala Lumpur looks a little, well, scary. My thought, why not move to a better location and the answer is this, you don’t change something that’s been working since 1928.

You smile and nod to your unknown table guests and then enjoy Roast Pork roll served with homemade applesauce and maybe some soft-boiled eggs, or you might try something called a Chicken Chop. The food is comfort and well prepared, for two of us, $7 US.

YutKee KL-24

YutKee KL-8-2

YutKee KL-20 YutKee KL-4YutKee KL-15 YutKee KL-13

35 Jalan Dang Wangi, Kuala Lumpur.  GPS: 3°09’22.2″N 101°42’00.1″E

Worth the visit but come early. Next we are going to burn a car to send to the afterlife…



4 thoughts on “Yut Kee

  1. Desarosa King

    It look delicious! Guess if you’re going to have to endure, with a hangover, the SHOUTING MAN, the eats have GOT to be great. Interesting stained glass in the window!

  2. peg brownlee

    Hi David!!! I just love your posts – FOOD being the common thread. I am a foodie, too. My daughters and I had a similar experience recently right here in the US of A. We were visiting Spokane, Washington and went to a “highly-rated” place for Sunday brunch – the Satellite Diner. Looked like a dive on the outside…….but the food was fabulous and the interior a lot cleaner and nicer than I expected. Don’t judge a book……..
    Your cousin Peg


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