Chiang Mai Thailand – Wats and Markets

Your bucket list has to include Thailand, such a wonderful destination.

This past weekend I went back to Chiang Mai Thailand to participate in the yearly photography workshop sponsored by South East Asia Backpacker Magazine. Dylan and Andy, two wonderful photographers from Flash Light Photography Expeditions gave a three-day instructional course and the next few posts will cover some of the places and photos from that event.

Wat Phan Tao


Wat Phan Tao

The second largest city in Thailand, Chiang Mai is old, surrounded by an ancient moat, filled with temples, traditions, customs and some of the nicest people in the world. Today we visit a few temples and a local market.ChiangMai

Wat Phan Tao

Wat Phan Tao

ThailandCM Market2013-7IMG_7906

Three Kings Monument


Wat Phra Singh


The MarketThailandCM Market2013-43ThailandCM Market2013-19ThailandCM Market2013-22ThailandCM Market2013-34ThailandCM Market2013-42IMG_7766ChiangMai2

This is our host from South East Asia Backpacker Magazine, Tyler. She was on spot with coordinating this event. I like this picture because it shows some of the technique we are learning in the photo sessions and besides what is a blog without a beautiful woman.

Next we visit the Umbrella Factory …



2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Thailand – Wats and Markets

    1. Dave Post author

      HI Chelsea,
      Yes i do… Depending where it is you are going in Thailand such as Bangkok, just get to the river and purchase a boat ticket. You will see so much. The boats stop at a hundred different sights. If in Phuket, rent a car or moped (Its cheap) and drive around the island. Visit Patong beach and purchase a tour of the bay area, amazing. If in Chiang Mai, no need for a car just walk or hire a tuk-tuk. Chiang Mai is one of the friendliest places i have been in Thailand. Look at some of the other posts i have done … Hope this helps and thanks for visiting.


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