Cameras of my past

Something about cameras I have owned in the past, we don’t get along. A few weeks back I nearly ruined the best camera I have ever had. It was getting past that time of day they call the “Blue Time” or dusk when picture-taking is at it’s best.

Bali2013GigitWaterfall-4Standing on wet rocks I manage to get one shot off of this waterfall in Bali. Trying to get the “better” shot, I kept moving closer, my camera slung around my neck, dangling safely on my strap, I reposition myself and then it happened in the blink of an eye, foot slip, flaying of hands in the air, flat on my back right on top of my camera, oh it hurt, not so much the fall but just look at this …

canon 4Now my Canon camera has a housing made of a magnesium-alloy, it is sturdier than Mount Rushmore but the full force of a my body and the rock was just too much. A few days later I took this picture, it looks a lot better now than it did a few days 2

A short history of my photography equipment and how it got destroyed or TRASHED…

TRASHED! 1968 My first camera. Box camera made out of a Hush Puppy shoebox (< 1mg pix) – I sat on it and it was history.     If I recall correctly I believe it looked something like this …

IMG_7714TRASHED! 1980 Pentax SLR. Opened it to change film and dropped in the cinders at the 7th station on Mount Fuji.



TRASHED! 1997 Nikon Coolpix (4mg pix) My friend Jason dropped it in a bar in downtown Raleigh, NC.

TRASHED! 2010 IPhone – Accidentally dropped it in the toilet.

IMG_7720TRASHED! 2010 Canon PowerShot A630 (8mg pix) –Dropped it at Sedona, Arizona rock climbing.

IMG_7711TRASHED! 2011 Sony Cyber-shot (14mg pix) – Dropped in a long-boat in Thailand.

IMG_7713This one survived. 2011 Canon EOS 550D/Rebel  (18mg pix) – I Sold it before it got TRASHED!


Photography is such a great hobby and forces a creative side of you that is not apparent if it were not for the camera. Although I think my photography technique is improving I have a long way to go. Presently I own the Canon EOS 5D MII (21mg pix), the one shown above, with the crack in it. It’s a great camera and still works but that crack in the housing cries out to me “Go Get the MK IV when it comes out next year!”   Heh…

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