Macau China night walk

We visit Macau China a wonderful Disney-utopia kind of place. And so… To rid the area of pirates the Portuguese colonized the island and city of Macau China between the 1500’s to the late 1800’s. The Chinese have preserved the old streets and buildings left by the Portuguese and created a tourist mecca the likes of Las Vegas

A late night walk through the narrow streets reveals the history and culture of what it might have been like back in the 1880’s. Small storefronts still exist, a single tailor mends clothing late into the night, the smell of pork dumplings mingles with the Portuguese sausage hung out in the open air and tiled streets from over a hundred years ago flow like waves.Macaumacau2013-4macau2013-11macau2013-19macau2013-26macau2013-30macau2013-34macau2013-43 macau2013-45

Next the casinos, birds eye maple, a little history, and prostitution ….


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