Mooncake oh Mooncake tell me a secret

It is the 15th day of the Eight-month in the Chinese calendar and you know what that means right? The Mid-Autumn Moon Festival and Mooncake time!

To celebrate this particular harvest time of the year, Chinese all over the world bake, eat, and buy these cakes to give to family and friends. Dating back 100’s of years Mooncakes held secret messages printed on the top during the Mongol and Chinese wars. Only during this time of year do I get to sample some of these baked delicacies.

If you want to know the history behind Mooncakes there is a post found here otherwise feast your eyes…

  • Mixed Nut
  • Charcoal Skin with Coffee Bean Paste
  • White Lotus Paste
  • Green Tea Paste with Duck Egg Yolk

MoonCake2 MoonCake1

This is s real Duck egg yolk fermented for 30 days and then placed in the pastry.MoonCake3 MoonCake4

This is my favorite. Coconut sesame pastry with green tea filling.MoonCake5

So relatives are in town visiting and we are doing the tourist thing and one of the must see’s while in Kuala Lumpur is Batu Caves an Indian shrine dedicated to Lord Murugan.

Walking around I saw these newlyweds just oozing Bollywood and I had to get their picture.

BatuCaves2013-9BatuCaves2013-19BatuCaves2013-13 BatuCaves2013-10

Monkeys everywhere, I hate the monkeys. Today we heard a lady scream and when we turned to see what the problem was we see a monkey scurrying up a lamp pole with a change purse in hand, coins were rolling and clinking everywhere, but this guy was just taking it easy… Till next time, taking the relatives to China Town…BatuCaves2013-6


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