In pursuit of the secret recipe to the Singapore Sling Part II

Singapore day 2 and my one main goal is to investigate this so-called drink known as the Singapore Sling. So, if you only have 48 hours in Singapore plan ahead and don’t never every deviate from your scheduled itinerary or you may certainly not get back on track or worse, miss out on a planned event.

“Hey look!” My friend Ms. E. shouts.

I turn and see this sign pictured below. “A toy museum, oh for joy!” Well the best-laid plans are always altered, right?

If you love toys, old toys, toys from your childhood or grandparents childhood, this is the place.


IMG_6919 Singapore0713 Toy2 Singapore0713-74


What I wouldn't give for one of these !!!

What I wouldn’t give for one of these !!!


There was so much in the toy museum it is well worth a stop.

Okay, back on track, now where were we…

“Hey look!” There she goes again, and so off we go, completely not according to my plan.

“Not on the schedule!” I said running North on Chen Street no, South I think. I’ve got to slow this woman down, we are going to be late for something, don’t know what but something, dammit.

To my surprise, one block from the toy museum, we or she finds this wonderful little French Restaurant, The Saveur. Oh well, screw the itinerary it was time for lunch anyway. Singapore0713-143Duck Confit wrapped in garlic olive oil pasta, topped with dried Daikon! What an amazing dish. Accompany that with some Frog legs and a salad, wow!

Singapore0713-134 Singapore0713-141

Okay back on track… “Singapore Sling?” I ask, pointing to the map and glancing down at my watch.

“Hey Look!”

Jeez, okay some hours later we do make it… The infamous Raffles Hotel, birthplace of the Singapore Sling, one of the most luxurious MJand fabled hotels in the world. Built in 1887 the hotel catered to the likes of Ernest Hemingway, British playwright Somerset Maugham, and Michael Jackson? Yes Michael Jackson stayed at the Raffles hotel in 1993 during his “Dangerous World Tour” but cut it short due to health problems, unfortunately we know the rest of that story…


Wikipedia commons 1934




Here it is! The Long Bar, the very place Ngiam Tong Boon invented the Singapore Sling in 1915, I may even be in the same seat Ernest Hemingway sat in. At last a journey’s end …



The place was beautiful, old teak and hard wood everywhere, paddle fans overhead and Singapore Slings lined the bar, we order.

One sip of that red drink was all it took to resurrect the memories of my college drinking days. Memories from the depths of what I thought were a well-forgotten past, but that sweet, syrupy, nauseous concoction brought it all to the forefront of that young mans recollections, ugh. This drink was an inevitable hangover ready to happen. Needless to say I did not finish it and quickly switched to one of my favorite beers, Tiger.


Singapore Sling Secret Recipe: There are varying recipes for the Singapore Sling but the basic ingredients are gin, Cherry Liqueur, Bénédictine, and fresh pineapple juice.

Basically there is no secret to this god awful drink! Ngiam can keep his potion! Flush it down the toilet! Take that cherry and shove it… okay, okay I’ll calm down but the tourist were sucking these down like it was their last, I guess you want to say you had a Singapore Sling at Raffles but believe me, order a beer.


This was a great trip and I learned something valuable in the past 48 hours, when traveling don’t follow the itinerary too closely.


  1. Swissotel Hotel               7. China Town
  2. Raffles Hotel                    8. DBS Complex
  3. French Restaurant          9. TinTin Shop
  4. Toy Museum                   10. Merlion
  5. St. Andrews Church
  6. Court House

And so as we leave Raffles, out into the Singapore night, wondering if history will record our being accounted for at the legendary Long Bar like Ernest and, and, and…

A tug on my arm interrupts my literary, intellectual, profound thoughts and I turn to see what my dear companion wants.

“Hey look!”


12 thoughts on “In pursuit of the secret recipe to the Singapore Sling Part II

  1. Rachel Tay

    I can’t really imagine how awful the Singapore sling, but it is interesting and enjoying to read the story….:)

  2. peg brownlee

    Dave! It’s your long-lost cousin, Peg. I always enjoy your pictures and commentary so much!
    You will have to visit us here in Montana for some local brews someday, such as Moose Drool or Scapegoat. I like that “Tiger” beer is in Singapore. We enjoyed lots of “Tusker” in Kenya. Cheers!


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