In pursuit of the secret recipe to the Singapore Sling Part I

There is just so much to see and do in Singapore one could easily get overwhelmed but 48 hours is just enough time to investigate this drink called the Singapore Sling.

So I find myself on an unexpected trip for two nights visiting friends who have moved to Singapore from my present residence and their hometown of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. The next two post we visit China Town, The Antique Toy Museum, and investigate the secret recipe to the Singapore Sling located at it’s birthplace the Raffles hotel.

We have booked a room at the Swissotel Hotel, near to China Town and across the street from the Raffles hotel, it’s a great location and many of the sites are within walking distance. From our hotel window we can see the DBS complex, the Merlion, St. Andrews Cathedral and the Court House. Singapore0713-5Singapore0713-3

We meet our friends and it’s off to China Town for dinner. With a hundred plus stalls scattered about my friend recommends to remember the number of the stall so the next time you come back you can return to the best place or avoid the worst, top sign lower right corner 02-194.

Singapore0713-7 Singapore0713-9 Singapore0713-12

Steamed Fish Head in chili sauce!!!!     Yum …

You’d be surprised at the amount of meat in a fish head the size of a plate but its plenty and the best part is the cheek.


The colonial buildings of the past occupation of the British Empire still dominate much of the city, a pleasant reminder of Singapore’s past history.

Singapore0713-22 Singapore0713-26 Singapore0713-33 Singapore0713-32Singapore0713-28



  1. Swissotel Hotel               7. China Town
  2. Raffles Hotel                    8. DBS Complex
  3. French Restaurant          9. TinTin Shop
  4. Toy Museum                   10. Merlion
  5. St. Andrews Church
  6. Court House

Next the Toy Museum and Singapore Slings…


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