Bangkok’s Red Light District

I mentioned in my past post that we are here in Bangkok to get some extra pages put in my passport however, unaware to me our hotel is adjacent to the Red Light district known as Patpong. Not to fear, this is a family friendly environment. Everyone has to walk through the few blocks of the Red Light district to get to the train station, and no one will approach you if you have family in tow or you are with a significant other. But if you are alone …

Bangkok0713 RedLight-29

Bangkok0713 RedLight-2

Bangkok0713 RedLight-41

The lady calls me over presenting me with a menu of sex shows and fetishes you could entertain, some items I didn’t even know existed.  Or you can walk into the bars and mingle with the women. The lady wouldn’t let me take a picture of the menu.Bangkok0713 RedLight-42

Bangkok0713 RedLight-40

Bangkok0713 RedLight-26Bangkok0713 RedLight-28

Every so often a man or woman would walk up to me and flash a set of postcard size pictures of naked women and on occasion naked men. One little old lady approached me one night, she could have been my grandmother, she saw me standing alone as I looked at a cart full of souvenirs. She rushed up to me flashing her cards.

“Come see. Come see.” The lady said smiling. “Free to see. Right over here.”

I said no thank you but for fun I thought again,  “Wait, let me see those again.”

The old lady smiled as she shuffled through her cards again. “Cheap, don’t cost much.”

“How much?” I asked.

“2000 Baht for one hour.” Looking up at me with a big grin flashing the cards hoping I would take her offer, the little old lady wasn’t more than 4 feet tall.

That is about $60 US. I’m sure it was negotiable. The lady kept persisting and I finally pointed over at my friend Ms. E doing some shopping at a stall.

“Oh! So sorry, didn’t know.” The little old lady clasped her hands together palm to palm and raised them to her forehead. “So sorry” she said again and as quick as she came she left. Not sure if she thought I had a lady already or what but I never got bothered if I was within arms reach of my friend Ms. E. I made the effort to stray a bit on my own though…

Bangkok0713 RedLight-38Bangkok0713 RedLight-39

As we had to walk from the hotel through the Red Light district to get to the train station this happened more often than not. And for the next few nights I’d see this little old lady walking the streets with her cards, our eyes would meet, I’d point at my friend and she would give me a big smile and the traditional prayer hands up to the face gesture.

Bangkok0713 RedLight-27Bangkok0713 RedLight-37

We never went into any of these places or viewed any shows but what I have read, expect to pay some significant Baht.

Of course the food in the area was exceptional. Street food or fancy restaurant, it was all good.

Bangkok0713 StFood-20

Bangkok0713 StFood-24

Curry Mee and fish ball

Bangkok0713 StFood-27

We have been here for four days now and the people and environment are just wonderful and I can tell you I will definitely be back.

Bangkok0713 Hokiado-15

Hokiado restaurant – King Crab

We leave Bangkok and return to Kuala Lumpur but with 46 extra blank pages in my passport, and with an expiration date of 2019… what shall I do?



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