Bangkok The Kings of Siam

I have a dilemma I must resolve quickly, I’m down to one blank page in my passport. Not an issue if you live in a country with a full service embassy, which I am not. The US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur will not add pages to a passport so it’s off to Bangkok Thailand for a long weekend with my friend Ms. E.


I have never been to Bangkok but the sticker on the window of the taxi gave me flashbacks of the ill-fated adventures of Leslie Chow, Alan, Stu, and Phil from the movie Hangover Part I, II, and yes I watched part III.

Bangkok0713 Taxi-2

The first sticker says no bull oxen in the vehicle, keep the damn live stock at home, the second is obvious, no fire arms, the third one stumped me for a minute but I’m pretty sure it means no Thai kick boxing in the taxi, yeah I’m sure of that. The fourth no pets, no alcohol, no Durian, if you want to know what Durian is click here, and of course no smoking which everyone in Thailand ignores.

We book the Le Meridien in the Patpong district of Bangkok, a very nice hotel however, after booking and doing some research of the city I find that we are right smack in the middle of the Red Light district of Bangkok, really I did not know this. If you read my past post you might think different but I had no idea. Never the less it is so interesting and so much fun to mingle with these people who participate in this practice that I’m going to have to find out more about this area, more on this part of the city in the next post.

Bangkok0713 LeMeridian

Most of the city looks like this… A flurry of commerce on the street, food stalls everywhere, markets at every corner and people just hustling and bustling. There is barely room to walk.

Bangkok0713-11 Bangkok0713-19 Bangkok0713-22 Bangkok0713-29 Bangkok0713-30 Bangkok0713-34

China Town

China Town


China Town


Today we visit the Grand Palace

The kings of Siam resided here up until 1925

Bangkok0713 GrandPalace-2 Bangkok0713 GrandPalace-11Bangkok0713 GrandPalace-15 Bangkok0713 GrandPalace-24 Bangkok0713 GrandPalace-13 Bangkok0713 GrandPalace-5


  1. Le Meridian Hotel
  2. Red Light District – Patpong
  3. Grand Palace
  4. US Embassy
  5. China Town

Next street food, tuk tuks, and Wat Pho

4 thoughts on “Bangkok The Kings of Siam

  1. Mickey and Amy

    A delimma indeed and another great post, thanks for sharing! We’re dreaming about an adventure to your neck of the woods in late winter or early spring. Carry on dear friend…


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