For the first time in my life I find myself South of the Equator in Bali, Indonesia. Not a big deal for people who live around here but for me, I did a little victory adventure dance… You can see it later in the future posts…

When I hear of Bali it takes me back to the James A Michener’s novel “Tales of the South Pacific” with detailed accounts of unspoiled beaches and naked islanders roaming around. Fast forward to present day, the tourist trade has built up the beaches and the Christian Dutch ruined the fashion apparel of the island back in the 1850’s.

Rated as one of the top Surfing locations in the world Bali still holds a mystique and beauty going back 1000 years.


Day One

Ulan Danu Temple

Ulan Danu Temple


Gigit Waterfall

bali2013UlunDanu-19 Bali2013RiceField-18 Bali2013RiceField-50 IMG_6063



Bali2013RiceField-33 IMG_6066 Bali2013RiceField-8 Bali2013RiceField-36 Bali2013RiceField-46 Bali2013RiceField-39

Man powered marry-go-round

Man powered marry-go-round

Next, surfers and Tanah Lot, Day 2


14 thoughts on “Bali

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks Veronica. Appreciate the viewing. You have some nice posts too. I’ll have to review before i take off next time.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Mickey, Amy! Thanks for viewing. Yep farthest so far on the other side of the world… Come on over. I’m waiting ;)

  1. Chris Odom

    You are SO TALENTED Dave! I am so glad that you are having all of these great adventures eventhough we all miss you back here in the USA!

    Chicken loves ya!


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