My advice about the touts in Vegas, just avoid them…

Las Vegas is without a doubt our inner child gone amuck in a candy store. There is no limit to vice or depravity that can’t be satisfied or at least humored in as little time as it takes to walk the streets.

Check out “The best of Vegas” at the end of this post. This is the second post on Las Vegas and we have just arrived from Kuala Lumpur with my jet lagged travel partner in tow. We are trying to stay awake as we walk down the crowed Las Vegas Blvd and there is no limit to what you might see or encounter. One thing is very apparent and it only takes a short while to realize it, and that is that prostitution is legal in Nevada.


Touts stand on every corner handing out cards of Emily, Brook, Ashley, and an occasional George or Michael, pictured in naked poses. The touts slap the cards to get your attention taunting would be patrons for a night with any one of the beautiful people pictured on the card. Carlita’s card says $100 off which makes me wonder how much is a night with Carlita and for how long. On the crowded street I ask one of the touts, just for fun. LasVegas2013-148

“How long for Windy?” I pointed at the card. “The card says $47 dollar special.”

“No speak English.” The young man said as he clapped the cards in his hand while avoiding my gaze.

“Does the $47 dollar special include the tip?” I asked.

Annoyed the young man stopped handing out cards and turned to look at me. He laughed, “You shitting me? Call number on card.” He turned and walked across the street slapping his cards.

You know, I didn’t think of it at the time but I should have called Pam’s number or Desiree’s number. According to Pam’s card she is lonely. I had to black out some of the pictures or the Malaysian government would have blacked out this post.


My advice about the touts is to just avoid them, the cards end up on the ground, children pick them up, they are an annoyance, a better alternative, if you must, is just call the number on the truck that rides up and down the boulevard or ask your concierge. Of course I had to keep these cards, for reference material, research, you know, in case I have to refer back to them or something…


Only Mom’s cooking can rival the caliber of food in Vegas, we tried as many restaurants as possible. The crab cakes at Wolfgang’s is a must. Crispy and full of crab placed on a wasabi dressing.


Just down the street from the Vegas strip is the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop featured on the PawnStars-AB2History Channel as a reality show known as Pawn Stars. Chumlee has become quite famous. If Goofy’s dog Pluto had a pet it would be Chumlee.

The place is small and we did not see the stars of the show but it’s worth a stop to see some of the merchandise on the walls you see in the show. Rick the owner loves Hendrix.


The best of Vegas: After visiting Las Vegas a number of times this is what I find helpful and informative.

Best shopping:

  • Venetian, Grand Canal Shops.
  • Caesars Palace, Forum Shops.
  • Aladdin, Desert Passage.
  • Las Vegas Outlet Center, 7400 S Las Vegas Blvd.

Best Buffets:

  1. Caesar’s Palace, Bacchanal $32
  2. The Wynn $40
  3. Bellagio buffet $20-$32
  4. The Cosmopolitan, next to the Bellagio, Wicked Spoon buffet $35
  5. For as little as $5 you can find meals along the strip.

Best shows:

  • Any Cirque du Soleil show. Mystere at Treasure Island, KA at MGM, Love at the Mirage, O at the  Bellagio Costs – $80(Look for offers) to $300.
  • Blue Man Group – Monte Carlo $100
  • Penn and Teller – Rio $60
  • Headliners change monthly.  Check hotels.

Tips and useful information:

  • Bring comfortable shoes. You will walk for miles.
  • Do not rent a car. Use the bus, monorail, or taxi.
  • The MGM Grand is where we stayed. You can get a room for $80 a night. Search other sites and you can find rooms as cheap as $40.
  • Avoid the dates during the conventions, as rooms will be more expensive. will list dates.
  • The best games with the best odds for gamblers are Craps and Blackjack. Learn the basics and I guarantee a fun time.
  • Don’t expect to come back from Vegas wining a lot of money.
  •  Free drinks for anyone who gambles or looks like they are gambling, just ask the waitress who walks around the casino.
  • Tip. A dollar chip to the bellman, waitress, and dealers goes a long way.

Free or near free things to do:

  • Pawn Stars pawn shop. 713 S Las Vegas Blvd,
  • Fremont Street, the old Vegas. Stay off the side streets.
  • Shops at Caesars Palace
  •  Harrah’s Piano Bar
  • Bellagio fountain show, view at night on the hour.
  • Miraje: Volcano erupts ever hour on the hour.
  • Most Unusual Bar: Minus 5, use to be called the Red Square, has a bar made of ice and serves Vodka in a refrigerated room. Mandalay Bay Hotel.

Next stop Phoenix, Arizona …


2 thoughts on “My advice about the touts in Vegas, just avoid them…

  1. Anonymous

    Awesome review David Tanner! Thanks to Ruby for spreading the word. Have no intention of going anytime soon but I would have an excellent idea of where to start and what to avoid were I to venture out. It’s a wild wild west by all appearances. Phoenix should be boring in only the BEST kind of way (after Viva Loss Vegas)!


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