KL Reggae Bar…

Went to China Town in Kuala Lumpur last weekend to buy some souvenirs before heading to the US. Although Crowded and sanitation is questionable, you have to notice the little things to really appreciate China Towns beauty. The old buildings, residents airing their birds, and a funky little bar called the Reggae Bar were we had lunch, makes China Town a must see and a great place to take pictures.

KL CT 03-2013-8KL CT 03-2013-3 KL CT 03-2013-4KL CT 03-2013-13KL CT 03-2013-32KL CT 03-2013-49KL CT 03-2013-50KL CT 03-2013-48KL CT 03-2013-47KL CT 03-2013-28

For more on China Town in Kuala Lumpur check here my first visit, and here looking for tea.

6 thoughts on “KL Reggae Bar…

  1. Rachel

    so fast you would travel back to US again….Have a nice trip back and keep posting more on the blog….I enjoy of reading it….:)

  2. tasered customer

    Yeah…great club if you like being tasered and beaten with bike helmets and battons by some small dick motherfuckers…

    1. Dave Post author

      Didn’t experience SD MF’s but it was during the day. Have to go back at night see if i see them.

    1. Dave Post author

      Really the staff? They were kind of slow…
      Sorry to hear that. But thanks for viewing. Will let you know next time i go.


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