A Fortune Teller Once Told Me …

“You mean to tell me you went to a fortune-teller?” I almost laughed in her face.

Scoobydoo syndicate

Scoobydoo syndicate

“No, he is not a fortune-teller.” My friend Ms. E. explains. “Master You helps you understand when to make decisions in your life.”

“Oh come on!” My eyes rolled back so far in my head I could see the hairs on my neck. “You paid good money to have someone tell you what you should be doing according to your birthday?” Hands on hips, tapping one foot.


Ms. E. and a few of her friends went to see a Shifu, a Master of the ancient Chinese art known as BaZi. The idea or concept is to receive further understanding into their personal events for the coming year.

In China and throughout Asia BaZi is big business, storekeepers to CEO’s make no decision until they have met with their Feng Shui Master and had a BaZi (pronounced bah-dzee) reading.

Ms. E. looks at me with discontent. “Would you like to go see him?” One hand on hip the other tapping on my forehead.

“Who me?” I scoffed at the idea. “Of, of course not, what could I possibly gain? It’s ridiculous. No way, not in this lifetime, wouldn’t be caught dead in the place, nope, nadda, not me…”

It’s Sunday morning and I stand at the foot of the stairs to Master You’s office, mailboxes from the 1940’s still in use cling to the 21st century. My palms are clammy as we slowly climb the stairs to a mufti-purpose shop locked behind glass doors.


This is Master You, modern-day “forecaster”, he invites us into his small office, I hand him my birth date and time of day I was born and he begins. Master You pulls out a paper template and starts to scribble Chinese characters, all the while flipping through a big book with 2013 inked on the binding. The master stops for a second, counts a few digits with his thumb then starts to scribble some more. While he determines my fate I ask if I could take some pictures.



FortuneTeller-26People wait in the next office to spend time with the Master. Rates seem reasonable, 50 Ringgit ($15) for a reading, additional costs for other services. Not sure about the big flower painting on the wall maybe he painted, don’t know but it was nice.


This doesn’t look good…



Okay! We are ready. Ms. E. translates as Master You explains his calculations. And a calculation is what it is determining my “possible” fate based on how my birth date interacts with the five basic elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth and their relationships with time and the seasons.


Ms. E. suggested I block out portions of the Reading that show my 4 pillars, personal information, and personality, for privacy reasons. In business people pay large sums of money to know this information about their competitors.

So according to Master You I have a strong religious sense, I work hard but people do not notice, he goes on to explain my strength and weakness within the 5 elements. On the back Master You draws the months that are good and months that are not in my best interest. For example, I should not make any financial decisions in the months of April and May.


If one thinks about it, Christianity is based on lesser knowledge. Based on stories, human accounts and events, the Bible can’t be verified although millions have faith in the religion that has nothing to do with the physical space we live in today.

People base important decisions on these readings, which I find all very interesting. I’m not MasterYousure how much scientific basis is founded in BaZi however, I gained an insight into another culture I intermingle with everyday. It was a fascinating experience although more investigation is in order to better understand why so many people participate in this practice.

Nevertheless, I have decided NOT to make any financial decisions until June.


10 thoughts on “A Fortune Teller Once Told Me …

  1. Ruby

    Enjoyed your blog…….there is a lot of truth in “Feng Shui”. Hope all is well with you and you are having fun.

    1. Dave Post author

      Not sure if Master You is still in Jalan Ipoh. He has a little sign out front but i haven’t been back in some time now. He was very knowlegable if you get a chance to see him.

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks YL,
      Well,,,To me they were general in nature so i’d say yes they did. For example, i was not to invest in the market in a certain time of year so i didn’t. All good ;)

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Dave, thanks for sharing. I hope that Master You is still in Jalan Ipoh. btw, do you know his consultation hour? does he accept visitors on weekends including sunday?


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