I still bike …

Today was the annual OCBC sponsored bike ride in downtown Kuala Lumpur with over 3000 participants filling the streets. Photographing an event is difficult especially when you participate so I have to give sports photographers credit in the way they capture the atmosphere of the venue, it is a task but lets give it a try. It started at dawn in front of the Petronas Towers…

Forbes magazine

Forbes magazine

It was a grueling 24 kilometers (15 miles ;) but I was able to endure, thinking how Lance would have done it, he gave me drive and inspiration, someone who had meaning in his life, someone I admired, someone who had it all.

I made it the whole way thinking of Lance at times as the peloton pulled me through the streets, I even got a medal at the end. However, with this medal I have no doubt… it will never be recalled.




BikeKL2013-40 BikeKL2013-39BikeKL2013-33BikeKL2013-29BikeKL2013-38 BikeKL2013-2

The race ended with plenty of time for lunch. My friend Ms. E. took me to a Chinese food court of sorts, the place didn’t even have a name. Five or six vendors occupy this building  each with their own cooking station and specialty. One lady did nothing but tofu, another stand just pork, we ordered from the father, daughter team. Ms. E. always orders this nasty soup filled with animal parts you normally would throw away, intestine, liver, and something that looked like an ear. I have to admit though it was good.

KL Food Court-2KL Food Court-21KL Food Court-5KL Food Court-16


9 thoughts on “I still bike …

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks wilkinlight,
      Yes great food. It’s right off of Jalan Barat i think, you pass the Ritz Carlton of all places. They make a great noodle! I’ll be back.

    1. Dave Post author

      Ha! update no, i think i saw the first 100, 200 people got a medal ;) If i was the only one in 3000 people, i’d be doing something else. Thanks Rachel….


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