Chiang Mai or how I survived Dylan and Shawn’s Photography Class. Episode I

South East Asia Backpacker Magazine sponsored a photography seminar in Chiang Mai,CMMap1 Thailand. Along with myself and seven wonderful people from around the world we convened in Chiang Mai to experience three days of instructions, concepts, and theory from two of the best photographers I have met thus far, Dylan and Shawn. You can see some of Shawn’s wonderful photography here:

On our first day we all meet at the World Wide Corporate Headquarters of the South East Asia Backpacker Magazine office. This is Nikki (left) the owner and director of the magazine.

ChiangMaiF1Chiang Mai has been listed as one of the 25 Best Destinations in the World.

Our assignment on day one is the market but first some “Professional” instruction.

Dylan (S. Korea), John (Norway), April (USA), Kat (UK), Iris (Netherlands), Shawn (Canada/USA), Alex (USA), Jeehe (S. Korea), and Beernend not shown (Netherlands).



April getting into the shot.


One-eye dog

One-eye dog


Alex got some nice ink

Wat Pra Singh – constructed in 1345


It’s Lantern festival time in Thailand and the town is wired for a party. Fireworks are going off at every corner, people are dressed in traditional costumes, and the streets are bustling with crowds waiting for the full moon of the 12th month to give thanks.


Dylan and Shawn continue our lessons through the night and into the wee hours of the morning. Such dedication. We stopped for dinner and listen to a band before I headed off to my dragon painted walls of my hotel.


Next, a whole-hearted attempt at night photography. 

2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai or how I survived Dylan and Shawn’s Photography Class. Episode I

  1. Ruby

    Dear Dave,
    Lois and Mike have been here sine the 28th. Lois has gone to pick up Mike at the Golf Course in Fountain Hills. Wished I had know before hand that you were going to Chiang Mai and I would have had you to look up my friends that I stayed with. Am sure you learned as lot but I thought you were good before the lesson. We tried to call Ron for his Birthday but guess they are away for the week-end. Take care. Love,


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