Pork Mee on Veterans Day

Part of the fun of photography is getting to know your subject matter. My friend Nixon brought over some Char Siu the other day, bar-b-q pork Malaysian style. It was sweet, leanest I have had sense I’ve been here and I asked where did this come from?

He said, “It’s a shop near my apartment that I have been going to for years. Why don’t you come next weekend, I know the family who runs the place and you can take pictures.” Oh happy day …

So on Veterans Day weekend we went, with three generations running this small business, grandma starts the roasting in a 50-gallon drum, with charcoal for fuel, in the early AM hours. Marinated strips of pork are ready by 10 am, just when we arrive. Father is the master chef combining noodles with a special sauce and topped with succulent thin slices of pork.

There are no laws about smoking in the local establishments. Just deal with it.

Of course you can get your CHICKEN FEET stew …

But this is what we came for the excellent pork. The meat was tender with a nice sweet crust and a little bit of a smokey flavor. The place can put you off a bit if you look around but Nixon assures me it was clean. I’m still here and well …

A wonderful place in the Ampang area. Going back next weekend.


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