Cambodia – Rice Fields and Chicken Feet

We have been in Siem Reap Cambodia for a couple of days now and decided to rent some 4-wheel ATV’s to explore the countryside of Cambodia. Although Cambodia is fast becoming a commercialized nation it is still developing and the majority of its population still live off the land.

Through the rice fields and knee-deep water we pass temples and ancient ruins of past civilizations.

Children hear the motor of our vehicles in the distance and come to the foot of the road waving and hoping to get a hand out from obviously the result of many tourists who have passed by before us. I notice, although naked at times, these children are healthy, smiling, and have teeth, a good sign of a healthy environment and stable progress.

Typical housing for the millions that work in the fields, no electric, no running water, no cable TV

The next morning we arrive early with the women, only the women, who sit crossed leg on tables or the floor to sell the day’s catch, plant or animal in the morning market. But first, to the Blue Pumpkin for a typical Cambodian breakfast, $3 and a lot of money for those working in the fields, noodle soup with pork.

Faces of Cambodia

Next the Tomb Raider Temple


3 thoughts on “Cambodia – Rice Fields and Chicken Feet

  1. Anonymous

    Great portraits! Landscapes were up there also. Did you know that “stolen” security tapes of Jennifer Aniston were tacked onto the end of your blog?


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