Kingdom of Cambodia – The Massage …

“She massaged your what?” My friend Ms. E asked as we walked out of the spa facing a crowed street of Tuk-Tuks.

“My bottom!” I said. “Odd, don’t believe I have ever had that done before.” I wave down one of these rickshaw taxis pulled by a motorbike, “The Blue Mangosteen please.”

One of the most amazing places I have ever seen in the world is located in

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Cambodia. The next few post will preview our five-day stay in the small town of Siem Reap the gateway to the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat.

Meanwhile we asked our hotel proprietor where the best spas were, she told us about a few and we finally settled on the Lemmon Grass, one of the pricier establishments in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Even though the Lemmon Grass was one of the more expensive it was still cheap, a 60-minute massage only cost $18. You could literally live here on $10 a day.

We enter the Lemmon Grass and two massage tables are at the ready in a dimly lit room with soft music and pleasant aromas. We are told to disrobe and put on this throwaway bikini underwear.

Face down on the table with a towel slung over our butts two ladies come in and start our massage.  I look over at Ms. E, all I hear from her side are muffled moans and I can tell she is blissfully dead to the world.

I finally start to relax and get into the professional hands of my Masseuse, it started out very nice but all of a sudden my girl starts some kind of knuckle roll up my spine that was just excruciating. I thought, please don’t do that again, but no go here it comes again. “Ugh”

“You ok sir?” The young lady asked in broken English.

“Yes, feels great.” gritting my teeth as I rolled my shoulder. Her technique starts out in the small of my back with these sharp little knuckles and the full weight of her body pressing down ending up at the nape of my neck. Oh Shoot! She’s going to do it again! “Ugh!”

“Oh please! No more knuckle rolley thing!” I said as I rolled my shoulder again thinking it might give her a hint. Damn it! Here it comes again! “Aaagh, Stop!” This was not fun or relaxing. I pointed to my shoulder and asked her to go lighter.

I hear her cracking her knuckles and wincing her hands together. “Yeah, Yeah, no worry.”

She didn’t understand English and damn if she doesn’t start revving up for another one! “Ugh!” I gasped again.

This must be her signature move because all I heard from the table within arm’s length of me were soft coos and ahs. Where are my coos and ahs? I want coos and ahs! I’m being tortured over here while Ms. E. is enjoying what sounds like the massage of her decade.

What comes next was unexpected. The young lady pulls my bikinis off my bottom and starts kneading my butt like pizza dough. It was a bit of a shock at first but after a few kneads this was starting to feel pretty good. I have had several massages before but none that concentrated on my bottom. I look over at Ms. E, still cooing away but no butt massage for her, I thought “Hmm, oh well, go for it girl.”

The young lady straddled my legs and threw on some oil, now I was in heaven, getting my buttocks and back massaged, I was relaxed, drifting away in my own thoughts, becoming one with the universe, this was nice, this was what I came for… It didn’t last long and all of a sudden I felt her getting ready for another one of those knuckle rolls! “Nooooo!”

On the way out I ask Ms. E. “You didn’t get the butt massage?”

She glares at me. “No I didn’t get it or see your butt massage but I did hear some crying in your corner. What was that all about?”

We didn’t go back to the Lemmon Grass but we did try several others.

Siem Reap is a small town that caters to the tourists who come to see the ancient city ruins of the largest Hindu complex called Angkor Wat. Popularized by the film Tomb Raider and Angelina Jolie, Angkor Wat is one of more than 200 temple-cities discovered in the jungles of Cambodia. Built between the 9th and 14th centuries not all have been found and new ones are being excavated as we speak.

We arrive in Siem Reap and our hotel has arranged for transportation, on the way we stop for gas. The little girl gas attendant cheerfully fills the tank with petrol from a Pepsi bottle and we proceed to our hotel, the Blue Mangosteen, a modest establishment with nine rooms for around $60 a night but you could find a room for as cheap as $5.

Mangosteen hotel. The alleyways are filled with shops, art galleries, bars and restaurants.

Hotel spiral staircase

Almost every night we had a foot massage. At $2 for 30 minutes you could not pass it up.

Our first meal, Frog legs.

Next, 4-wheeling in the rice fields. 


4 thoughts on “Kingdom of Cambodia – The Massage …

  1. las artes

    We were shopping at the nextdoor Night Market when we stumbled across Lemongrass Spa. We decided to try the massage after checking that it came highly recommended by readers on tripadvisor. It was an absolute treat, value for money. I personally would like to recommend the aromatheraphy four hands massage with lemongrass oil. Love the place!

    1. Dave Post author

      I’d have to admit the Lemongrass Spa was nice, clean, and if I am back in Siem Reap i’ll give it another try. Maybe the 4-hands aromatherapy. Thanks for reading!


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