Uh oh, you shouldn’t have eaten that …

My friend Ms. E. looks over at me with some concern. “Uh oh, you shouldn’t have eaten that.”

I feel compelled to stop here and write about something more meaningful, something thought provoking like the National Conventions, Syria, the Fall TV Fashions or Burning MAN festival but my culinary curiosity just won’t let me do it, so onward …

“What?” I say as I swallowed this odd tasting fibrous plant that looked like an ear. “It’s in my soup!”

Ms. E. laughs, “It’s an herb to improve health.” She points at my bowl with her chopsticks. “Don’t eat that or that. The rest is ok.”

“But I already ate it!” It was kind of woodsy tasting and reminded me of  chewing on a watermelon rind. I hope it will leave my system without consequences.

Mee Jaawa Soup

If you are served a plate of food in the US it is assumed everything on that plate can be consumed. In Asia not the case, items are added to a dish for flavor or medicinal purpose and most patrons know about such things and avoid consuming these items. Damn, live and learn.

If there is one thing that defines a culture it is the food and the diversity in Malaysia is so overwhelming it draws top TV chefs to experience the wide array of ethnic influences represented by almost every part of the world. However, Malaysia puts it’s own style, flare and secret ingredients into its dishes that identify it as its own.

The following are just a few restaurants we visited this past week in and around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Friday lunch my colleague Ivan took me to yet another great place in Dengkil just outside of Kuala Lumpur. Ivan is Chinese, speaks both Mandarin and Malay, and gets me through the menus.

Two Two Eight Seafood.

I like to go around the back to see the kitchen or get behind the scenes, sometimes I regret it.

Roast pork with tofu and vegetables.

Jelly Fish and Ramen at the Sakae in the Curve shopping plaza

Yesterday’s lunch at Din Tai Fung for Dim Sum at the Pavilion

Last night we went to A-Wet a Thai Seafood Restaurant out in Kayu Ara

Shrine in the parking lot

You pick your crabs and method of cooking. Poor little guy was putting up such a good fight I hated to do it, but it didn’t last long.

Overlooking the Blue Masque with the glow of Kuala Lumpur in the background, we end the night listening to some good Jazz at the Time-out bar in the Publica shopping mall.

Next Cambodia …


4 thoughts on “Uh oh, you shouldn’t have eaten that …

  1. boyelroy

    Can I come visit u?! Apparently my daughter doesn’t want me to cramp her style. If it wasn’t for my horse I’d sell everything I own and become a traveling vagabond and life come what may. My childhood home got sold. I have fewer and fewer ties to this small spot on earth and have grown increasingly bored and restless. I wonder. “is this what it feels like when women get baby fever?” cause my “needing to travel fever” is critical. I hear the constant ticking of the clock in the back of my head. I bow to u on your traveling and culinary bravery!

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