Langkawi a tropical island …

Six degrees North of the equator in South East Asia sits the tropical island of Paula Langkawi.

Google Map

Langkawi is part of Malaysia and a well-known tourist destination for the locals. It is rural in nature and very low key and the main beach caters to backpackers and the low cost traveler, which is a good thing. The main town has one stop light.

You will have to tolerate the occasional water buffalo or goat roaming the shops and beach area and acceptance to the “lack of” will find your stay that much more enjoyable.

The first order of business is to rent our luxury sedan. The Proton is a Malaysian made automobile, not a bad car.

Le Spec

The main draw to this island is the natural beauty and the Duty Free status. Do you know what that means for someone who consumes alcohol! A beer cost less than a can of Coca-Cola.

We head off in search of secluded beaches and tribal artwork.

Langkawi Sky Bridge

Like the vein running down the middle of Julia Robert’s forehead, waterfalls can be seen cutting through the canopy.

Next, this waterfall looking up.


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