What the hell is Kuih Dadar?

After lunch today we pass by this Malaysian dessert counter in the KLCC Mall and my friend Ms. E says, “Hey look, Kuih Dadar! I haven’t had this since I was a kid!”

“What the hell is Koo-ee Da-dar?” I ask.

Similar to animals in nature like the brightly colored frog or the pretty banded snake, it usually means, “stay away, danger, don’t eat me.” Of course that doesn’t apply to human food does it?

Ms. E bought a few to bring home for me to try. Once home I had to hold her off before she devoured the whole plate. I pulled out my Macro Lens and took a few shots.

Kuih Dadar: Spongy Crepe filled with coconut cooked in palm sugar. Not so good I thought. Ms. E inhaled this one.

Kuih Lapis: A gluttonous gel made of rice flour, sugar, coconut milk, and Pandanous Juice (a green plant used for flavoring desserts), again not a favorite. Ms. E went after this one like a starving dog. Go for it girl, all yours.

Bread Pudding: Now this one I can relate to, it was Excellent! It had a light crisp crust, mild sweet flavor, I took a bite and it was moist and thick. I closed my eyes for a second to savor the vanilla almond flavor.

It was so good and brought back memories of home cooked meals, holiday dinners, grandma’s cooking … when all of a sudden Ms. E thumped me on the head. “Hey Sleeping Beauty! You going to marry that thing or are WE going to eat it?”


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