Empress Squanders Millions

Beijing China is a wonderful place, full of mystery, exotic food, and has a history going back to the beginning of time. The city is safe, the people are inviting, and if the US does not tarnish ties with China I will definitely be back. A few parting shots for my last post on Beijing.

Confucius Temple

Replica of Confucius

Bark of 700 year old tree in courtyard

Summer Palace

Empress Dowager Cixi was a beautiful woman and hard to resist. Her manipulative ways gave way to the fall of the Chinese navy during the First Sino-Japanese War in 1894. During peacetime, Empress Cixi funneled millions of the Chinese Navy’s resources to up-grade her lavish summer retreat in Beijing called the Summer Palace. It was here she whiled away the summer days as China and Japan readied for war. With their funds depleted, China lost the war and learned a very valuable lesson.

Summer Palace 1888 – Wiki Commons. Work is public domain.

Bell and Drum Towers

Szechuan Hot

Here is one final parting post as we leave Beijing behind. Down the street from our hotel is the neighborhood Szechuan restaurant. The restaurant has five tables of gastronomical PAIN, six pain seating’s when they put a table out on the street.

This has got to be the hottest meal I have ever had. Red chili peppers are fried in oil, with mushrooms, cabbage, pork, ginger, sesame, star anise, whole garlic, special sauce and you are supposed to get the seven mythical flavors of sour, pungent, hot, sweet, bitter, aromatic, and salty.

What I got was hot, hotter, hmm pork is good, OMG hot, and damn i’m going to die!

I know that is only five of the flavors and i wish it stopped at 3 (pork is good), but to be truthful it was good and we almost finished it off but I had to stop due to the ringing in my ears.

I dare you to take a bite of that chili,  I just double dare you.

Okay, ok, I have to admit out of desperation and lack of familiar food additives I went to a McDonalds. Don’t tell anyone. I hear you out there, waving that finger at me, but I just couldn’t help myself.

After ten days of chicken heads, insects on sticks, eating meat I could not tell you which animal it came from, and vegetables always covered in vinegar, I had to have something that reminded me of home no matter how bad it is for you.

I got the double cheeseburger! The soft bun was just as I remembered, the meat the same wonderful bland gray grizzly patties. And we can’t forget about that wonderful salty orange fake cheese, not one but two slices! And you always get that little grizzle piece of what ever the hell it is and roll it round in your teeth for awhile and then finally decide to spit it out, right?!!! Oh so good, sorry to go off on that rant, anyway…

Next, you don’t want to miss Eurozone economic indicators and affects on PE ratios!


6 thoughts on “Empress Squanders Millions

  1. Dave Post author

    Thanks Lu. Google “double happiness hotel beijing”. this is where we stayed and this restaurant is right down the street. Street meaning alleyway, obscure, out of the way hutong. Great street and great hotel. check it out.


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