This is so good it will make you cry… And the Temple of Heaven

Peking Duck

Similar to a fine wine, and as too indicate the quality of the product, the restaurant will serve a single slice of crispy, sweet with fat, delicate, scrumptious piece of skin for your approval.

You can’t go to Beijing without trying the Peking Duck. It would be a sin! Forget the diet, the workouts for the day, the “I don’t eat animal” vegetarian attitude! This is a must, take my word for it.

The most famous of restaurants are Quanjude and Bianyifang. We ate at Quanjude, their ovens are fueled with peach and pear hardwood and with over 144 years in the business they have to have gotten it right.

Air is pumped through the neck to separate the skin from the fat, slathered with marinade, hung to dry for 24 hours, and roasted in a wood-burning oven, this is so good it will make you cry. And again, served with the head. I guess people eat these things.

Okay… Moving on to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Here is where the emperors would come to pray for a good harvest but they didn’t need to if they had that duck up there!

Damn! Lost again. Anyway one last post on Beijing, we have to see the Summer Palace and the hottest, spiciest meal i think i have ever eaten. Maybe I should of turned there


3 thoughts on “This is so good it will make you cry… And the Temple of Heaven

    1. Dave Post author

      Got to love the Chinese. They love serving the head and apparently eating parts of it, but we didn’t try it.
      Thanks The Lu Life!


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