Man Defies Chinese Military Tanks – Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City

By the time we get to the Forbidden City we have been in Beijing for a few days, getting the feel for the city so to speak, but we still get lost everyday, i love it. Tiananmen Square is the largest public area in the world. The photo to the right was taken 23 years ago in Tiananmen Square and we happen to be here on the anniversary of this ill fated event. An unknown man defies the Chinese military to run him down. (taken by Jeff Widener of the Associated Press.)

We start with the Tiananman Square Front Gate, The Main Entrance Gate, Monument to the People, Performing Arts Building, and on to the Forbidden City. Bring your bike.

Built during the Middle-Ages (1300’s) the Imperial Palace or Forbidden City was home to the Chinese Emperor’s for centuries, some living out their lives and ruling China without ever leaving the walls that surround this vast complex. During the Cultural Revolution the mini-city was vacant and grown over with only a few soldiers protecting this Heritage site. In the 1980’s it was renovated and for the first time opened to the public.

Later that night we take our bikes up to the Lake District to an old neighborhood known as Yingingqiao, so beautiful are the streets I’m surprised they don’t film movies here. We ate at a Thai restaurant as we watched boats try to maneuver the small canal that connects the two lakes.

The Chinese beer is not bad, crisp and clean, I can’t say what brand it is but i see on the label 5.2%.

Next Temple of Heaven and Pinking Duck …

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