Durham, NC. USA

Despite the rumors, the women in NC do not eat corn dogs and drink Budweiser, at least not in public.

Once the tobacco capital of the world North Carolina, USA has since relinquished itself of this industry. China now manufactures 41% of the world’s cigarettes today. Over the past few decades Durham, NC has reclaimed old factories for housing, the arts, and commercial sites, along with a complete face lift of its downtown area, Durham has become a force of change for North Carolina and a food haven.

A few parting shots before I head back to Malaysia.

(Curtesy of Preservation Nation.org)

Abandoned, boarded up, ready for renovation, the Leggett & Myers building.

The sign says VOLUMES.

Is that a corn dog in her hand?

I mentioned that NC has become nationally known for it cuisine. Two fine restaurants worth visiting.

CholaNad Contemporary South Indian

Shrimp Pondicherry, Lamb Chops & Kothu Parota

Gregoria’s serves up some of the finest Cuban this side of Havana.


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