This ain’t your momma’s whiskey!

Last week I traveled from Malaysia to Phoenix, Arizona to visit family. My cousin Billy Jean and I were at the Walking Stick Casino losing a few dollars, nice place but they don’t have any Craps tables. Anyway Billy Jean walks into the bathroom and goes into one of the stalls and does her business. When she leaves the stall she looks up and sees a wall of men standing at the urinals, she yelps and three men turn and pee on each other.  She made a quick exit to tell me it was time to leave.

This week i am in Durham, North Carolina visiting friends. The following are the Durham Farmers Market, the Duke University Chapel, Duke University Gardens, and a cookout with a Whiskey/Scotch tasting.

Duke Chapel and Gardens

The Cookout turned into a Scotch and Whiskey test tasting, drinking, session …

Crown Royal Black. Canadian. $35 750ml. 90 proof.  A kick in the taste bud department but Smoother and a deeper oak flavor than the original, sweet with maple tones. Careful, the 90 proof will sneak up on you.

Elijah Craig Whiskey. 18 year old single barrel. USA. $38 750ml.  90 proof. Smooth brown chocolate flavors. Some say there are hints of vanilla, but I couldn’t tell.

Makers Mark Whiskey. USA. $22 750ml. 90 proof.  A good every day whiskey, well not every day, but a step above the standard whiskey, good on the rocks or in your favorite Manhattan.

Oban Single Malt Scotch. 14 year old. Scotland. $70 750ml. 86 proof. Smooth smoky peaty-ness gives way to pear and orange flavors. A FAVORITE.

When you open a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label prepare to taste one of the best blended scotch in the world. At $220 for a 750ml bottle it better be a kick in the face good, slap on the back OMG good, or in the words of our friend Mike “This ain’t your momma’s whiskey!” This scotch is very smooth with many layers of complexity and creates a sixth sense that craves for more. With a confident hint of a “burnt rubber band” flavor the Blue Label has a smoothness and flavor not experienced in many blends you find today.


6 thoughts on “This ain’t your momma’s whiskey!

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like you’re having a great time back in the states! Aaahh, miss maker’s mark. I miss getting a decent booze at affordable prices.


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