What do you crave?

According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs the top three needs are sex, well that’s a given, number two is housing, and the number one need is food and you need to meet all three to advance to the next stage of Self-actualization,  according to Maslow.

So being away from one’s home country for so long you start to crave certain things that you miss. Lacking in any one of the “hierarchy needs” will not kill you but will cause a craving of unmanageable proportion and my craving is a good pizza. I am on my way back to the USA for a short visit after being in Malaysia for over a year. My first stop is in Phoenix, Arizona to visit family and we have found some of the best pizza I think I have ever had.

Cooked in an imported wood burning brick oven at a temperature of 485 C (905 F) the organic sourdough crust blisters to a nice char. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside with a good tug factor to pull a piece away and enjoy. Ingredients are organic and fresh. Some of the best I have ever had.

What do you crave ?

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