Pudu Prison Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Completed in 1895. Built by the British Colonial government.
  • Official location to administer Caning for Malaysia.
  • In 1945 Pudu Prison saw the execution of 100’s of WWII Japanese prisoners of war.
  • In 1986 two Australian’s were executed for drug trafficking of heroin, Kevin Barlow and Brian Chambers.
  • 1993 Pudu saw its last execution.
  • Closed in 1996.
  • Scheduled for Demolition in 2012
  • And of course it’s haunted…

Circa 1990’s courtesy of Wikipedia

Circa 1920’s
In 2004 Pudu was a museum for a short while. Courtesy of Malaxi
1945 Crowd waiting for the execution of Japanese prisoners of war. Courtesy of Unspokencodes Archive
Today, Yesterday and a CANING Rack
Prison Cells

They wouldn’t let me in so I’m off to a popular Dim Sum restaurant in Puchong for lunch.

Dim Sum in Puchong

Tire size bamboo containers stand head high as their contents steam over boiling water. Wait-staff come around to each table lifting the lid of the bamboo steamers revealing delectable bite size dumplings. You point to what you want and are charged by the plate. This is my second time here.


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