Slaves at the cookie farm …

I met this couple that delights their patrons in decadence. Oh it is sexy, rich, dark, chewy, decadence that beckons and subconsciously draws one to the dark side never to return.

Walking through our local weekly market I spy something you don’t see in Malaysia, Brownies! Adrian and Erika run their own cookie farm, growing and raising brownies, cookies and cakes like my mother use to make.  The “California Cookie Company” is the real deal and I stop by their table every week.

Apparent love story, Adrian is from Malaysia, went to the US for school, met Erika, kidnapped her and brought her back to slave on the cookie farm.

You have to get there early or everything will be gone. It is always a delight to see them even when they run out of my favorite oatmeal cookie.

I tried them with beer but the best combination is with a glass of milk.

Man these are good. Two locations, one in Mont Kiara 1 and the other at the Curve during the weekends.


8 thoughts on “Slaves at the cookie farm …

  1. Ves

    Dave, this takes me back to my last 18 months with AT&T/Lucent when I worked at Huntington Beach, CA. Had an apartment in Seal Beach; every morning on way to work, my breakfast was in small Seal Beach marina cookie shop similar to what you subscribe. Your photos bring back pleasant memories and made my mouth water. Ves

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks Ves,
      Yes, these remind me of childhood memories. This couple does a good job. Thanks for reading. My best to you and Ruth.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Dave!
    Thanks for pointing out that we run a cookie farm, where we lovingly raise our cookies. People think cookies grow on trees by themselves and we just pluck them; raising cookies is actually a lot of work!! Your blog is one of the nicest compliments we’ve ever received. Thanks always for coming around. It’s always nice seeing you.
    Erika & Adrian
    PS How did you like “the Red Tail” the brown butter pecan cookie????

    1. Dave Post author

      Erika, Adrian,
      The Red Tail was great, I couldn’t remember the name. Buttery, sweet, with the right amount of pecans, yum. Maybe we can do a post of the other store too ;) Thanks guys.

      1. Anonymous

        Oh yes, we’ll let you know when our pushcart is ready for your visit. The soft opening is today, but let us work some kinks out. You don’t mind if we share this blog on our page, do you? We’ll post it on our page (
        Happy Friday,
        the Cookie Slaves

  3. The Onyx Plate

    “Oh it is sexy, rich, dark, chewy, decadence that beckons and subconsciously draws one to the dark side never to return.” For a foodie…this was all I needed to read. Must save money to buy my ticket to have those cookies now! Red Tail??? I mean come on! That sounds heavenly with the addition of brown butter! Wow……*drool*


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