When Friends Come to Visit …

The smell of fresh blood, bile, fish, and the crack of the butcher cleaver against bone were just too much for her. I looked over at Beej as she lifted a single finger to her nose and choked back a gag. Beads of sweat quickly appeared on her forehead and the pale color in her face told me we needed to get out of this “wet market” before we had a nausious woman contaminating the chicken feet and pig intestine.

Wet Markets, this one happened to be in Chinatown, are open-air slaughterhouses, slash fishmonger; slash gore for the uninitiated but Beej came out smiling.

On the other hand, Beej’s husband Tanuj was lagging behind poking at dead hanging carcasses, talking to people who didn’t understand him, and taking pictures at annoyed old ladies. That’s him there →, a mischief of merriment and an accomplished guitarist, Tanuj loves the “different”.

Beej and Tanuj are from Chapel Hill NC, USA, they are the best of friends who have traveled halfway around the world just to say hi. The value in our friendship has culminated well over a decade, so what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t take them to a wet market.

For three days we poked around many of Kuala Lumpur’s haunts.

Batu Caves

Shopping for TEA


And visiting the orchid garden

We hit a few restaurants …

It is well studied that you end up with a hand full of friends you can depend on, only about 3 to 5, ones who really will be there in the end.

Germans have very few friends but if you are considered a friend it is expected you will help and care for each other.

Russians tend to be close to their neighbors.

Asian friendship is considered to be a form of respect.

And the Americans for some reason, friendships have been declining in numbers. However, the importance in the bond of friendship strengthens over time and provides support and contributes to a longer life span (June 2006 issue of the journal American Sociological Review).

Well you get the idea. Food is what brings good friends together and i hate to see Beej and  Tanuj leave but i will see them soon, i am heading home for a short visit after one year in Malaysia.  Next, Posts from the USA …

4 thoughts on “When Friends Come to Visit …

  1. Paul

    Great article, Dave! One of your best! – I am really looking forward to your visit back to the States!


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